Thieves Increasingly Foiled by Homeowners with Home Automation & Security Systems

Smart home security systems alert owners of unexpected activity, capture real-time video, sound alarms, and contact security services.

Salt Lake City, UT - October 21, 2013 8:05 AM ET - Integrating home automation systems with traditional security monitoring systems has led some homeowners to an epiphany: when their smart home security system is triggered they can react to actionable alerts, capture real-time video, and take control of their family's safety and security. Control4 (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leader in home automation, offers a wide range of security integration features designed to keep homeowners better connected with their home, apprised of activity whether they are home or away, and comforted by the control they have in the palm of their hand.

"We all know that home break-ins and burglaries are all too common. We strive to leverage home automation in more creative ways than a simple home security monitoring system to provide homeowners with even greater knowledge and control," says Paul Williams, Control4 VP of Security & Communications Products.

Control4 integrates motion sensors to monitor activity in and around the home. Additional sensors called contacts and relays monitor the activity on doors and windows to keep the system alerted to any activity at those entry points. Automated door locks from leading brands such as Baldwin, Kwikset and Yale can also be integrated into the Control4 system. Anytime the system senses activity from one of these sensors when the homeowner is away or during the nighttime hours, a slew of communications and deterrent activities can be triggered: the security monitoring service is called, smart lights might flash at night to alert the homeowners and scare away the intruder, text messages are sent and IP cameras record the activity for future prosecution. Some homeowners integrate their whole-home audio system as well to scare off an unwanted guest.

"If my Control4 system detects motion in our yard after 11:00 pm or during the day when we're not home, the speakers broadcast a message that says 'You are intruding. The authorities have been contacted. Leave now.' and I get a text message immediately," said JP Witting, Florida homeowner. "If there is still motion detected one minute later, another broadcast informs them that the authorities are pulling up. At night, every light in the yard triggers to flash on-and-off and the IP cameras kick on. It really makes me feel better about the safety of my family and my home."

IP cameras are another important part of an automated security system. Homeowners can place cameras at key areas outside their home or in their garage to record activity and potentially deter possible burglars or car thieves.

"One of our homeowners recently had an assault in his neighborhood and his IP cameras captured the suspect's getaway car. Through his integrated Control4 and security system, he was able to view the footage from his office, and received a text alert that something was happening," said Jim Shapiro of Audio Video Intelligence. "Now the homeowner is upgrading and adding more security features to his home, and the neighbors are investing in home automation as well."

Control4 home automation solutions extend the traditional home security system by adding other features, like the ability to set smart lighting patterns so it appears that the home is occupied even when it's not. Control4 integrates seamlessly with most major security monitoring services and companies. Contact your local Control4 dealer or for more information visit

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