The Cube Press release

The Cube Press release .


October 1, 2013

DIGITAL VIEW unveils its newest LCD Display creation called "The Cube". Aiming to transform all traditional display configurations, Digital View offers video artists the unique ability to add multi-dimensional perspectives to their visual presentations.

The Cube was designed and created as a platform for visual artists. The focus of Digital View's Cube was to create an interactive environment for video artists to be able to break the 2 dimensional display plane by giving them the ability to create content that "wraps" around the surface of an object. With the recent explosion in projection mapping popularity, Digital View set out to provide video artists the chance to bring not only high resolution (Full HD 1920 x 1080 ) images and video to the mix but also the ability to fully customize the video controllers that power the LCD panels. With its superior brightness, color and viewing angle, the cube's (6) LCD panels allows for individual or fully synchronized controlled interfacing. See:

Endless Possibilities…

The Cube's fully customizable infrastructure opens the door for seamless integration with various visual and audio platforms such as Module8, Serato, Ableton Live, Max for Live and more. With further advancements in the realm of TouchOSC signal devices, the potential to synchronize The Cube with iPads and other touch tablet devices is endless.

"The idea of seeing someone mixing video and audio elements on the fly is exciting," James Henry, CEO of Digital View explains. "With the latest PC processors and the software to support the arts we are seeing more creative doors being opened. Whereas in the past if a concept was idealized it couldn't be brought to life due to the limitations of the artist's tools. But now we are beginning to see that all change. The landscape of video/audio performance art will be forever changed".

Coming soon is a single faced paneled cube. Digital View is currently working on the 2nd generation model of The Cube. Be sure to stay tuned by visiting


Digital View is a digital display specialist that has been developing and supplying innovating electronics and video display solutions to the art, museum and commercial market for 18 years. All Digital View large screen video display products are designed and assembled in their California, USA facility.
Visit for a behind the scenes look at how The Cube was created as well as a way to stay up to date news on product releases and exhibit showcases.

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