Neal H. Pogue mixes/produces Earth, Wind & Fire on Anthony Gallo Acoustics speakers

New album "Now, Then & Forever" mixed on A'Diva Ti audiophile loudspeakers

CHATSWORTH, CA, October 2, 2013-Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF) released their first studio album in eight years on September 10th, when "Now, Then & Forever" became available everywhere. Tapped to mix the album and produce three songs - including the first single "My Promise - was Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Neal H. Pogue. As always, to make sure that he was hearing everything in his mix perfectly, Pogue commissioned his Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) A'Diva Ti loudspeakers as his monitors.

"They are just so incredibly accurate," said Pogue, who also pairs them with an AGA TR-2 subwoofer. "When I mix on the A'Diva Ti's, I know exactly how it's going to sound when people listen to it on just about any system. I know how they are going to hear every detail in the music. If there is a flaw in the recording, the A'Diva's reveal it. That's the one thing I love most about Anthony's speaker designs, they are so accurate and real."

Pogue's goal was not to make the new album sound like a new album. He wanted that vintage EWF sound that people fell in love with decades ago. To do that, he made sure to mix it on a Solid State Logic console.

"At first I was mixing it in Pro Tools, but I just wasn't getting that EWF vibe and feel," Pogue said. "So, I told them I really need to mix this on an SSL analogue board. And that's what we did, we put it onto an SSL J Series and it changed everything."

Pogue's A'Diva Ti's are five-inch, stainless steel enclosures with titanium drivers that extend high-frequencies beyond 22kHz. He sets the subwoofer crossover at "about" 100Hz so that it blends seamlessly with the satellites.

Pogue worked on the album with his partner Walt McKennie, as well as Austin Jacobs and Darrin Simpson. With the exception of one track, the entire EWF album was mixed by Pogue at the Mix Room in Burbank, CA.

About Anthony Gallo Acoustics:
Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) has been raising the bar in loudspeaker design and technology since their formation in 1994. Specializing in audio products that exemplify the term "price-to-performance ratio," AGA is a pioneer in spherical enclosure technology. In addition, the company's patented S2 technology helps create their famous 3-D, holographic soundstage, which has become an AGA hallmark, winning awards the world over. Today, AGA's products are sold in more than 73 countries, including a complete line of desktop speakers, stereo speakers, home theaters speakers & systems, powered subwoofers and installation accessories.

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