Opalum Announces New Product Launches at CEDIA Expo 2013

A new ultrathin, actively powered onwall speaker

Chicago, IL - Sept. 5, 2013 - Opalum USA today announces the launch of a new ultrathin, actively powered onwall speaker, the BREEZE.1010, modeled after Opalum's award winning FLOW.1010. Opalum additionally announces redesigns to three existing products: the HUB II, the FLOW.1010 and the FLOW.4810. The HUB II will replace the existing HUB and remote control. All products will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2013. Full product and technical descriptions have been included as separate documents for your convenience.

Opalum's BREEZE.1010 will have a changeable high-density felt faceplates, available in four different colors, to allow interior designers and users the ability to custom match the speakers' aesthetics to their environment. The BREEZE.1010 also features specially developed arrays of paper-cone point-source drivers, and 80 watts of digital amplification, which also incorporates sophisticated digital crossovers, equalization, and phase correction circuits. The net result is an attractively thin onwall speaker with a big, dynamic, and clean sound. The new HUB II replaces the current control HUB and remote. As the HUB II utilizes IR Learning for use with programmable remotes, as well as RS-232 and IR for controlling functions with a home automation system, ease of use and flexibility are key advantages. The HUB II also features a re-engineered 24-volt DC power supply, Bluetooth connectivity, and mixed audio inputs. The FLOW.1010 has been improved with updated firmware and retuned digital amplification and offers +3dB more overall output along with added bass impact. The FLOW.1010 will additionally be offered in Opalum's Signature Orange as a "design and showcase" piece. The FLOW.4810, Opalum's Top-Seller, has received new component drivers and retuned amplifiers for +3dB higher output, more bass impact, and overall increased performance.

Ulrik Sindberg, President of Opalum, states, "We are excited to announce the redesign of almost all of our current products. For months, our engineers have worked diligently to integrate technology and design upgrades necessary in keeping up with what we see as future advances in Living Space Theater and technology in general. We specialize in ultra-thin, stylish, loudspeakers, but we cannot forget the need to continually innovate".

At CEDIA 2012, Opalum was awarded the RESI award for Top Industrial Design as well as the EXC!TE award for FLOW.4810 being recognized as possibly the worlds thinnest on-wall speaker system wrapped in Scandinavian Design.

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