First Autumn Webinar: iRidium for AV & Custom Systems

Experts of AV installations often have to solve numerous problems in their projects, connected with equipment compatibility, customers' desires for unique designs and a variety of devices that can be used as control panels. All these problems are solved for you by iRidium for AV & Custom Systems!

The webinar iRidium for Global Cache and AV & Custom Systems hepls integrators make:

• exceptionally beautiful interfaces, created in iRidium GUI Editor;
• combination of any Audio/Video equipment in one project, by using Global Cache';
• control from any device, by choosing the right license and mastering iRidium Transfer;
and … NEW
• control of Sonos, XBMC и Squeezebox in one project, by integrating Modules for Media Servers into the project;
• control of several projects from one panel, by using the multi-design function.
More than that, after the webinar a professional integrator can use and make drivers for controlling any equipment via IR, RS232 and IP.
All of it can be mastered at the webinar iRidium for Global Cache and AV & Custom Systems September, 11; 12:00 GMT+00:00.
At the webinar anyone can on-line:
• ask a professional trainer any question and get a detailed answer;
• get professional tips on the settings of AV projects.
After the webinar integrators, if passing the test, get iRidium Specialist Certificate for AV & Custom Systems and iRidium Academy BONUSES.

First Autumn Webinar iRidium for Global Cache and AV & Custom Systems is scheduled on September, 11; 12:00 GMT+00:00.

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