Analog Way at InfoComm India 2013 - Booth #E17

Analog Way exhibits powerful processing systems at InfoComm India 2013 - Booth #E17

August 2013 - Analog Way is pleased to exhibit at InfoComm India 2013, from September 16-18 in Mumbai, India.

In booth #E17, Analog Way will make a demo of the powerful Ascender 48, part of the LiveCore™ series, its latest generation of Premium Multi-Screen Seamless Switchers. In addition, Eikos, the multi-award winning Mixer Seamless Switcher, will be demonstrated with the RK-300 Remote Keypad.

Analog Way is thrilled to present the Ascender 48 at InfoComm India. Based on the LiveCore™ platform, the Ascender 48 is a powerful Multi-screen Seamless Switcher with 48 Scalers.
The system offers 12 seamless inputs with 42 input plugs: 6 x HDMI, 9 x DVI-I, 3 x DisplayPort, 12 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 12 x Universal Analog. It can handle any source from composite video, up to 2560x1600, and outputs a variety of formats, including HD-TV and Computer format up to 2560x1600 and 4K.
Ascender 48 includes an independent Dual-Link output for monitoring purposes, with a Live Source Mosaic layout.
The product delivers varied display configurations: Mixer, Hybrid, Hard Edge and Soft Edge configurations.
In addition to a native background layer, Ascender 48 can display up to 6 true-seamless scaled layers per output. Up to 50 frames and 50 logos can be stored in the device's memory bank. Layers, including frames and logos, can be controlled individually in time and transition, and can be fully resized.
Ascender 48 will be controlled through the intuitive Web-based Remote Control Software (Web RCS) specifically designed for the LiveCore™ platform.

Eikos, a multi-award winning Mixer, Matrix Scaler, Seamless Switcher will also be demonstrated. With 12 inputs including 4 fitted with SDI and 2 fitted with DVI-D, Eikos features 3 operating modes: Multi-Layer Mixer, 12x2 Seamless Native Matrix and Quadravision modes. An included Video Output card provides SD or HDTV formats in various signals from Composite Video to HD-SDI.
Eikos will be controlled through the RK-300, a Remote Control Keypad designed to easily control a wide array of Analog Way's Seamless Switchers.

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