High Capacity Gigabit Broadband, 802.11ac Gigabit Wireless, and Concurrent Dual-Band 600N Wireless Routers to be on Display at CEDIA Expo Booth #2350

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 (Salt Lake City, UT) - Luxul, a leading innovator of IP networking solutions for CEDIA professionals, is expanding its high performance router family. New additions include a high performance commercial grade Gigabit broadband router as well as two wireless models: a high power 802.11ac Wireless Gigabit router and a concurrent dual-band Wireless 600N router. The entire Luxul Xen™ line will be on display at CEDIA booth #2350.

"By broadening the Luxul Xen™ router line, our installers now have more flexibility in selecting the right tool for each job," said Luxul CEO, Jeffrey Curtis. "With the addition of high power 802.11ac, high capacity Gigabit broadband functionality, as well as an entry-level concurrent dual band solution, Luxul installers can better address a wider range of customer requirements and budgets."

Wireless 802.11ac represents the most advanced wireless networking technology on the market, delivering up to 1750Mbits of data throughput, while the Gigabit broadband router is the ideal platform for setting up a high performance and high capacity residential or commercial network when used with Luxul high power wireless access points. The Gigabit broadband router provides an upgrade from the popular XBR-2300 broadband router, which will continue to be made available for budget conscious network installations.

Designed specifically for the custom installer, Luxul Xen incorporates a full line of pre-configured modular solutions that simplify network design and deployment, while delivering a reliable and scalable network that is powerful, yet easy to install and manage. The complete Luxul Xen family includes:

* Commercial Grade Routers

* Managed and Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switches

* Power-Over-Ethernet Solutions

* High Powered Wireless Access Points

All Luxul Xen products include free lifetime support and are available ONLY through industry recognized distributors of residential and commercial integration products, including ADI, AVAD, WAVE Electronics and the PowerHouse Alliance.

About Luxul

Luxul is a leading innovator of high performance networking solutions for implementing superior residential, commercial, industrial and mobile military networks. Designed for use in residential and commercial environments, the Luxul Xen™ family offers a complete line of pre-configured modular solutions that simplify network design and deployment-resulting in a scalable network that is both powerful and easy to install. The complete Luxul Xen line includes High Powered Wireless Access Points, Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Commercial Grade Routers, and Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) solutions. In addition to the Luxul Xen family, the company also offers a line of rugged solutions for mobile network deployments. For a complete list or Luxul products, visit Luxul products are widely used in residential, hospitality, healthcare, mining, military/defense, education, and mesh networking applications.

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