ebode Electronics Wireless HD A/V Sender System, VLHD30

Wireless HDMI and USB, extra long range!

Veen, The Netherlands - The ebode VLHD30 HDMI Set Transmits audio and video signals wirelessly in HD quality. Where other HD A/V senders will stop, the VLHD30 has a range up to 30 meters (depending on environmental conditions). The set can be connected with your HDMI devices of the source and the TV / projector respectively. Subsequently, the latest version includes an extra feature as it has an USB port which can be used for PC connection or any other USB device, e.g. wireless keyboard or mouse.


Forget pulling wires! Long Range Wireless HDMI is available from ebode. The ebode VLHD30 replaces your current HDMI cable. The system, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, wirelessly streams uncompressed High-Definition videos from any HD video source device to your HD TV (or projector), placed anywhere in your home. The operating range is up to 30 meter line of sight (depending on environmental conditions) and by using the IR return channel you can also remotely control the VLHD30 and source.

Supp. Video Resolution: 1080p, 720p, 1080i
HDMI Interface: Support HDMI 1.3 audio & video format + HDCP 2.0
Transmission Distance: 30 meters line of sight (LOS)
Operating Frequencies: 4.9~ 5.9GHz (with DFS function)
System Latency: < 1 ms
Antenna: Omni-directional internal antennas
Power Supply: 100~ 240V AC in, 5V 3A DC out Power Adaptor
Certificate: FCC, CE
Standard: WHDI 1.0
IR Function: 3.5 Jack plug, external IR transmitter eye
Built-in infrared remote control receiver module
Operating temperature: 0℃~70℃
Dimensions: 146(L)*93(W)*25mm(H)

More information

For more information or high resolution images please contact Roy Bleijenberg via marketing@ebodeelectronics.nl or have a look at our website.

About ebode

ebode is a European brand, established in 2009, offering home automation, entertainment and security products and innovative "A/V problem solvers". Unlike many of the complex automation solutions available today, ebode is affordable and innovative plug and play product lines have been designed for simple installation, and are easy and convenient to integrate into European homes.

product lines:
Home Automation - Home Made Smart
Home Entertainment - Home Made Easy
Home Security - Home Made Safe
LightSpeaker System - The Next Bright Idea

About BMB Electronics

Ebode is a brand of BMB Electronics B.V. Established in 1987, BMB is located in Veen, Netherlands and is one of Europe's Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting Control solutions. The company holds extensive stock to supply the European and Middle Eastern markets and hosts regular dealer/installer training sessions at its own custom designed office in The Netherlands. For more information please visit our website, www.bmbelectronics.eu.

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