CasaTunes Expands Flexibility in Audio Listening Options

Adds Support for Playing Music on Universal Plug and Play and Digital Living Network Alliance Media Servers

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--CasaTunes®, the leader in streaming multi-room music solutions, today announced a new version of CasaTunes offering more choices and options in how homeowners access their music and where they can play it. CasaTunes Version 4.6 now supports playing music residing on Universal Plug and Play and Digital Living Network Alliance compatible media servers.

This capability complements CasaTunes existing ability to play locally stored music from Windows or iTunes music libraries. It also expands the types of devices where music can reside to include Network Attached Storage devices (with built-in Universal Plug and Play support) that are becoming more common in many homes, as well as other media servers built using Windows Home Server or even mobile and portable devices running Universal Plug and Play media server based Apps.

"CasaTunes automatically discovers all your Universal Plug and Play music making it easy for homeowners to play their music, regardless of where the music is stored," said David Krinker, CEO of CasaTunes. "Universal Plug and Play makes it easy for home owners to listen to their music residing on many different media storage devices throughout the home, without having to sync or import this music onto the CasaTunes server, both of which can be time-consuming."

The new Universal Plug and Play support adds several interesting options. For example, homeowners can now play their iTunes music running on a Mac using a Twonky Server without having to sync their music, play music from an Android or smart phone device using the Bubble Universal Plug and Play App, and listen to music residing on Synology, NetGear, Western Digital and other Network Attached Storage devices.

In addition, CasaTunes has made it easier to add music to the CasaTunes Music Server by simply allowing users to drag and drop their music onto a CasaTunes Music Server volume. CasaTunes will automatically import, organize and refresh its music library with the newly added music.

To play music, simply choose the room and then browse or search and select songs by album, artist, genre, or playlist. CasaTunes supports playing locally stored Windows and iTunes music, music residing on Universal Plug and Play compatible media servers, AirPlay streams from Apple iPhone and iPad devices, Internet radio and Internet music services. Schedules can be created for falling asleep or waking up to music. Homeowners can listen to a different playlist in each room and all speakers are continuously synchronized without any echoes. CasaTunes is controlled using native CasaTunes Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry smart phones and tablets, as well as a web browser or keypad.

CasaTunes Music Systems distribute streaming music to a combination of wireless and wired speakers, and multi-zone AV Receivers. The CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Servers start at 3 wired rooms and 5 wireless rooms and support up to 24 wired rooms with 10 wireless rooms. The CasaTunes CT-3 multi-room music system and 3 AirPlay speakers can be purchased for as little as $1,999 to provide a complete six-room solution.

Version 4.6 of CasaTunes software is a free upgrade and can be downloaded from the CasaTunes web site.

About CasaTunes

CasaTunes designs flexible wired and wireless multi-room audio systems for distributing iTunes and Windows Media disc based music, Internet radio, and Internet based music services throughout the home. The CasaTunes CT multi-room systems support as few as 3 and as many as 24-wired rooms, with up to an additional 10 wireless rooms. CasaTunes also offer music streamers designed for use with Audio Authority, Channel Vision, Nuvo, Russound, and SpeakerCraft multi-room systems. Founded in 2006, CasaTunes is a privately held entity headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado with offices in Florida. Visit for more information.

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