Designed to dramatically enhance any environmental area, inside or out

With summer in full swing, now is a perfect opportunity to think about what can be done with sound outside. Master EMEA distributor, Amber International is proud to offer the entire Terra range of all-climate speakers to the custom installation market.

Designed to dramatically enhance any environmental area, inside or out, Terra's all-climate speakers are a rugged and reliable solution, built and guaranteed to last, with an excellent lifetime warranty. Terra is a cut above inferior competition, ideal for placement around patios, gardens and pools yet still remaining completely impervious to all weather conditions.

"We are pleased to offer Terra's versatile range of weather-proof speakers to the CI market," comments Cees van Wendel de Joode, Sales Manager for Amber International. "With more and more end-users requiring their installation to extend beyond bricks and mortar, it doesn't mean their audio experience should suffer - and now it won't have to with Terra's fantastic line-up of loudspeakers. Specifically designed for the great outdoors, audiophile sound quality is now easily obtainable outside - whatever the weather."

The proof of this is in the construction and materials used - all Terra speakers incorporate ceramic anodised aluminium cones and the company's patented fluid-cooled, spider free motors. Driver frames are also all made exclusively from cast aluminium alloy, and as such are extremely hard wearing. All tweeters are made from either titanium, aluminium or polymer and are coupled to powerful neodymium magnets. While the vented woofer/midrange motor structures lend themselves perfectly to the high power handling of the speakers.

Terra has four different speaker products:

- AC Series: Terra's enhanced AC Series All Climate loudspeakers utilise innovative design and construction, to deliver audiophile quality sound that would usually be associated with high-end indoor speakers. Completely weather proof, the new AC models include modified woofers and revised crossover networks, delivering rich lows and smooth midrange for natural sounding voices and instruments.

- CA (Custom Application) Series: Terra CA Custom Application loudspeakers use unique technologies to combine the dynamics of traditional 'box' speakers with the aesthetic advantages and placement flexibility of in-wall 'architectural' speakers. Available in round and square designs, these units can be placed in a huge variety of locations - including shower stalls, pool houses and other areas exposed to the elements.

Both AC and CA Series have Terra's advanced WIDE-FI™ technology built in. This allows the end-user to enjoy a complete stereo experience from only a single loudspeaker. Additional Location Balanced Sound™ voicing also means that sound quality will not be compromised, regardless of where the speakers are positioned.

- AC.SUBe: Featuring the same key technologies found in the AC All Climate speakers, the Terra AC.SUBe can be installed above or partially below ground and develops immersive deep bass from its compact footprint. Available in green, black or a custom-coloured enclosure the AC.SUBe blends into any landscape seamlessly.

- LuminSound: Terra's LS.32 LuminSound bollard combines both lighting and sound into a single stylish column design. The 32.5-inch high unit houses a 5.25-inch co-axial loudspeaker, alongside weatherproof MR16 multi-LED lamps. The light from the unit can be directed up, down, or in both directions simultaneously to easily enhance a pathway, patio, greenery or other architectural elements. The speaker is mounted at a 45° upwards angle for uniformed sound dispersion, and can be rotated 355° independently of the lighting section. Moulded from resilient polyethylene, the LS.32 bollard is (like all Terra loudspeakers) well equipped to deal with long-term exposure to the elements without degradation.

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