Benchmark Expands their DAC2 Audio Converter Line

The streamlined DAC2 L is focused on customers who listen exclusively through speakers

Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. announced a new addition to their flagship DAC2 line of audio D/A converters. The latest addition is the DAC2 L, and it is the first DAC2 converter to ship without Benchmark's HPA2™ headphone amplifier. According to John Siau, VP and Director of Engineering at Benchmark, "The HPA2™ offers outstanding performance, but we recognize that some of our customers will never use the headphone feature." The streamlined DAC2 L is focused on customers who listen exclusively through speakers, and on those who will be incorporating multiple DAC2 units into a surround system, or an installed multi-room system. The cost savings is $200 per unit.

The new DAC2 L matches the performance specifications of Benchmark's top-of-the-line DAC2 HGC. All of the HGC features are included (with the exception of the headphone amplifier). Features include: Sabre32 reference conversion system with four 32-bit audio converters per channel, 24bit/192kHz PCM, native DSD conversion, sample-rate and word-length displays, UltralLock2™ jitter attenuation, asynchronous USB audio 2.0, polarity switch, home theater bypass, digital inputs, analog inputs, digital pass through, 12 volt trigger, remote control, and low-noise high-efficiency power supplies.

The DAC2 L will be shipping worldwide starting July 25, 2013 and will retail in the USA for $1,795.00. It will be available with a choice of black or silver machined-aluminum faceplates. Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. and their authorized dealers are now accepting orders.

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