Velodyne Acoustics Announces Partnership with APW Brands

Velodyne partners with APW Brands in creative marketing and selling new headphone line in U.S. airports.

Morgan Hill, CA, July 2013 --

Velodyne Acoustics, leading manufacturer of high-performance, low-distortion subwoofers and headphones, announced that its award-winning, unique line of headphones will be available in APW Brands locations. With a shared vision, Velodyne Acoustics and APW will be working together to plan future store events that incorporate art and local music.

With 41 retail locations in 19 major metropolitan airports across the country, APW Brands will now carry Velodyne's vFree Bluetooth wireless headphones, vPulse in-ear headphones, and vTrue studio high performance headphones. In addition, APW is launching Velodyne's newest, the vQuiet active noise canceling headphone, which will be available for purchase this week.

"The low distortion sound performance of the vQuiet is at the level Audiophiles will approve," says Velodyne Engineering Director Kirk Lombardo. "Its patented circuit board is unique to Velodyne and cancels environmental noise like jet engines while preserving the full bass and pure middle tones of music."

The look of Velodyne's "v" series of headphones-a signature inverted teardrop with a slim, minimal profile-was designed by President of Velodyne, Marta Hall. Bringing the creative spirit to Velodyne, Hall conceived of the art designed skin line as a means to personalize consumer electronics while collaborating with artists and companies like APW. Velodyne currently offers 35 choices of art skins for the vLeve and vFree headphones.

"These headphones are uniquely personal," says Marta Hall. "Unlike simply changing the headband color, the skins change the headphone's actual look and style. We are designing many skins inspired by art history and music album art of the sixties, combined with today's style. I believe people are hungry to express themselves and identify with artistic expression." Velodyne will be designing custom art skins only offered at APW Brands, available in the Fall and during special holidays.

Like Velodyne, APW Brands is a family run business, with a long history of innovation and steady business growth. Velodyne President, Marta Hall, believes the two companies share similar company ethics, business and technical innovations, and creative approaches to marketing. To celebrate their partnership, the companies will be collaborating with the arts community and local musicians. Their first joint event will take place at the new APW Brands Store at the San Francisco Airport.

"The launch of our partnership with APW Brands is a significant step forward in Velodyne's move into the worldwide headphone marketplace," says Velodyne VP of Sales and Marketing, Laurel Nissen. "I'm excited about working with such a forward-thinking company as APW Brands and offering our line of unique headphones to traveling consumers throughout the country."

About the partnership, Miguel Mayorca VP of Marketing says, "Velodyne's audio products are truly indicative of the style, craftsmanship, and high-performing technology brands we sell. We look forward to sharing Velodyne's celebrated legacy of audio products with our customers."

About Velodyne:
Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., founded in 1983, is universally recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-performance, low distortion powered subwoofers at all price levels. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, the company's technically innovative audio products are available through a select group of authorized dealers, custom installers, and distributors worldwide. For more information visit

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