News Networks, Video Aggregators and YouTube Channels Can Now Leverage Automated Contextual Video Tagging and Segmentation

Video Semantics a rising start-up technology company has been providing automated contextual video tagging and segmentation capabilities to video content producers and aggregators in the information delivery services and education industries, enabling solutions ranging from video monetization to indexing and search.

Ellicott City, MD June 26, 2013

Extracting relevant information from video content is a challenging task, and requires manual processing of content to understand the context of the video, identify proper relevant tags, and the start and end of topics for segmentation. This challenge typically leaves content producers with thousands of hours of video recording that is not available online, leading to millions of dollars in lost revenue and wasted assets.

Video Semantics has raised close to $1 million over the past 2 years to address the challenge of information and intelligence extraction from online video content. Today, using Video Semantics' solutions content producers can automatically and contextually extract keywords and tags related to the video and of interest to the viewer.

The rich metadata extracted from the video allows video content producers a multitude of applications such as:

*Monetization and advertising
*Intelligent and optimized video content promotion and search results
*Mass personalized video content push and distribution across social networks
*Real-Time and automated segmentation
*Sophisticated video indexing

Currently, Video Semantics provides a trial tagging service for 30-days for content producers through their website. "Customers typically see a 15% per week growth in viewership of online video content after adding contextual tags, and videos move to the top of search engine results," states Ayman Nassar, Vice President of Product Management at Video Semantics.

Video Semantics' founder and CEO, Wael Abd-Almageed envisions a world where video content is a major information asset; he stated that "our technology is transforming the way video content is monetized and consumed".

Video Semantics currently offers its solutions to cutting-edge non-profits, news networks agencies, global news video content producers and broadcasters; as well as online education providers in the K-12 and higher education domains. 501c(3) non-profits that offer educational services and investigate reporting are eligible to receive service grants. Solutions are customized based on industry and can include one or more of Video Semantics products. Two of the company's main products mediaTag and mediaAlert allow content producers to tailor solutions to their needs and business objectives.

mediaTag is Video Semantics' tagging engine and provides the ability to extract different types of tags, keywords, named entities, and other valuable information which could be used by different video management systems for indexing, retrieval, intelligent segmentation, hyper-linking and content referencing.

mediaAlert, an intelligent video recommendation system developed by Video Semantics for Facebook and Twitter allows content producers to push relevant video to social network users based on their interests and current discussions. Video Semantics predicts a 34X growth in video distribution for content producers implementing mediaAlert enabled solutions.

A demo of real-time video segmentation and tagging for a Headline News (CNN) broadcast is available online illustrating the ability to identify content related to a search query. The returned video streaming starts at the beginning of the related topic (segment), saving content producers thousands of hours of post-production processing and improving digital asset utilization and boosting return on investment. Video Semantics predicts that content producers can see a boost of more than 800% in digital asset utilization and accessibility of content archived off-line.

For more information on Video Semantics visit their website or YouTube channel. Interested parties may also join their mail-list.

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