New AMX Enova Fiber Solution Breaks New Barriers

New fiber distance transport transmitters/receivers, input/output boards and high capacity enclosure all work together to expand media distribution to great lengths.

Orlando, Florida June 18, 2013

The legendary Enova® DGX and DXLink™ switching solutions just got legs, really long legs and are now capable of securely distributing lossless video content (including HDCP) up to 10 kilometers (six miles) away, which can be ideal for multi-facility government and military installations, casinos, hospitals, educational campuses and other sprawling applications. At InfoComm 2013, AMX® introduced the new family of DXLink Fiber Transmitters and Receivers and I/O Boards as well as a new Enova DGX 64 Enclosure that combine to create a tremendously power digital media switching opportunity.

The list of features that make DXLink Fiber Solutions and the Enova DGX Enclosure incredibly competitive reads like a wish list for the previously unattainable perfect digital media switching solution: an industry leading 10 Gbps data rate, field serviceable fiber modules, identical board sets throughout the entire switcher line, built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch, single mode and multimode and standard with every product in the AMX Enova family - integrated SmartScale technology on every output and onboard InstaGate Pro™ technology for addressing key constraints and delays posed by HDMI/HDCP.

The new DXLink Fiber solutions distribute uncompressed video (including HDCP) across an entire campus or multiple facilities (up to 10km/six miles) while maintaining video quality over a secured connection. And just like the previously released DXLink Category Cable solutions, DXLink Fiber Multi-Format Transmitters provide support for both analog and digital video and can perform as a 2x1 pre-switch when both signal formats are present.

The new Enova DGX 64 Enclosure is ideal for digital media switching of up to 64 HDMI, DVI, DXLink or new DXLink Fiber sources/destinations. Only the Enova DGX 64 allows organizations to standardize on one digital media switching platform that uses common I/O boards across the entire product family. Additionally, the Enova DGX 64 will be 4K resolution ready. With its aggregate backplane data rate of a staggering 25Gbps per position the Enova DGX 64 is poised to support future boards out of the gate.

Availability and Additional Details

AMX demosntrated the new DXLink Fiber Solutions and the Enova DGX 64 Enclosure in Booth 2216 at InfoComm 2013, held June 12 - 14 in Orlando, Florida. The new DXLink Fiber I/O Boards and Transmitters and Receivers are expected to ship in December 2013. The Enova DGX 64 Enclosure (AVS-ENOVADGX64-ENC) is expected to begin shipping in January 2014. For further details, we invite you to visit these online resources:

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*Product Resource Center (additional details, specifications, images, etc.) - Enova DXLink Fiber I/O Boards and Transmitters/Receivers (see DXLink Fiber Section):

*2013 AMX Pocket Guide Section:; DXLink Fiber I/O Boards and Transmitters/Receivers:

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