Liquid Digital, leading Sydney-based Design Firm Enters the App Arena

Sydney's leading web designer and website developer Liquid Digital have expanded into the booming app domain, as developers for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Sydney's leading web designer and website developer Liquid Digital have expanded into the booming app domain, as developers for both iPhone and Android platforms. They bring many years of their experience servicing clients in and around New South Wales and Sydney, working on innovative web development and allied solutions in design and development to a select client base. These include working on many different elements of brand identity design, including business logo design work.

The company's fresh approach has won it numero uno status as a preferred vendor of digital design and development services for the Australian market.

While the app market has become flooded with budget players providing rapid-rollouts of apps at low costs, Liquid Digital's values of delivering a reliable client experience is also part of the strategic offerings for client's app needs, and differentiate Liquid Digital from other players. The company will make full use of this approach and insight into creating custom design solutions for web properties for a competitive app market where design and interface are essential parameters for how successful an app can be.

Any Liquid Digital client mandate is tailor-made specifically for both the client's needs and identity - while creating a body of work that is fresh in execution and approach. To the digital arena, Liquid Digital brings its trusted approach of bringing a personalized approach for all aspects of the client's needs, budget and other specifics. From rapidly attending to client queries to real-time tech support - these are the pillars on which Liquid Digital's reputation is built on, and has won the company prestigious clients like IBM, Sony and Dell, as well as Australian brands.

Already, the company has harnessed its acumen for building web properties for multiple devices (laptops, computers) and different browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer to unleash cross-platform development.  It therefore focuses development efforts on HTML5 and Adobe AIR, both platforms that are highly suitable for mobile app development. 

Not only has the company developed great apps for the general app market for consumers, but it has also successfully forayed into developing enterprise-grade apps for businesses.

The company has already rolled out several apps for Android and the iOS platforms that serve as essential corporate solutions for a variety of Australian businesses.

About the Company

Australia-based digital agency conceptualizes, creates and develops online and mobile solutions that abide by high benchmarks of performance and ease of use.  The company is proud of its legacy of creative custom made solutions tailored for every client's unique requirements, scope and persona.

Liquid Digital specializes in offering a comprehensive approach - everything from designing, developing, hosting and providing real-time support for web and mobile properties, including its booming galaxy of apps.

Liquid Digital is proud to have worked with major international clients like IBM and Sony, along with a large number of Australian businesses.

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