Sony, BOI Solutions and Scalable Display Team at InfoComm 2013

32 Megapixel display with interactive touch highlights cooperation

ORLANDO, Fla., June 12, 2013 -- BOI Solutions, a leading innovator in the display and collaboration market, Sony Electronics, a leading developer of video and audio technologies for professional applications, and Scalable Display Technologies, a leading provider of software for automatic edge-blending, have teamed to deliver a first of its kind "big data display".

The 32 Mega Pixel display features ultra-high resolution and interactive multi-touch across externally connected PCs. The display system is four (4) Sony GT-100 4K projectors blended into one seamless ultra-high resolution desktop display at 80 pixels per inch (ppi). The display is calibrated using Scalable's camera based calibration software ScalableDesktop™. The screen is Stewart Aeroglass 70.

"We have listened to customer requests over the past several years and built this first of it's kind display in response," said Bill Othick, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of BOI Solutions. "Innovation is the hallmark of our company and our team of partners enables us to bring new innovations to our customers. Our internal development team tackled the interactive touch application."

"Commercial projection and display applications require next-generation technology to create enhanced realism for the ultimate visual and training experience," said Sander Phipps, senior product manager, professional projectors, at Sony Electronics. "This new model builds on Sony's pioneering innovation in 4K projection to deliver a solution that fits perfectly into the BOI Solutions display."

"BOI Solutions, Sony and Scalable have years of experience meeting customer needs together," said Andrew W. Jamison, CEO Scalable Display Technologies "We are pleased to bring this exciting new packaged display to market. In a market dominated by 'big data' it is timely to see BOI offer a display that lives up to the moniker 'big data display'".


All components of this display are currently available individually or as a package via BOI Solutions.

The 32 Megapixel display will be demonstrated at this week's InfoComm13 exhibition taking place at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL, June 12-14, 2013.

About BOI Solutions

BOI Solutions, INC is a Miamisburg, OH based technology design/build integrator with projects around the world. BOI's Tru-Viz data visualization platform provides end users with bright, pixel dense, interactive displays that allow users to truly interact with data on a large scale. BOI offers application development, interactive content design, Agile Office enterprise automation service, A/V consulting and design/build services.

About Sony Professional Solutions of America

Sony Electronics' Professional Solutions of America group develops and manufactures video and audio technologies for a range of professional applications. These include high-definition broadcast television and motion picture production, event videography, ENG/EFP, digital cinematography, digital cinema, videoconferencing, medical, visual imaging, digital signage, and remote system diagnostics and monitoring, as well as IP surveillance and security. These technologies are also used by professionals in a range of market segments including houses of worship, government, healthcare, education, and hospitality, among others.

About Scalable Display

Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of auto-calibration software add-ons used to create edge-blended displays. Its patented software, developed a decade ago at MIT, simplifies the creation of megapixel, multi-projector displays of the highest quality and scalable size. Scalable's software opens the door to widespread use of multi-projector displays for a new class of simulators based on off-the-shelf components, as well as supporting new forms of digital signage and data visualization tools. For more information, go to

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