Let's collaborate: projectiondesign® showcases real-world innovations at InfoComm 2013

InfoComm booth this year will outperform the competition in terms of visual innovation and performance.

Fredrikstad, Norway, 12-14 June 2013 - At InfoComm 13 in Orlando, FL, Norway's projectiondesign® will replicate several real-world installations and technologies from an exclusive selection of trusted technology innovators on the projectiondesign booth 3615 at InfoComm 2103.

"Having dedicated areas of the booth using partner technologies is the best way to communicate the performance benefits of our high-performance projectors in specific applications," says Fredrik Brostrøm Hansen, Product Marketing Manager at projectiondesign. "We expect that our InfoComm booth this year will outperform the competition in terms of visual innovation and performance."

Set to draw crowds from many disciplines in the AV world to the projectiondesign booth, some technology highlights are:

Cyviz enables virtualization for collaboration!

Already benefiting the telepresence and collaborative working supply chain, the projectiondesign F35 panorama projector will be deployed as part of the Cyviz C1 301 Panorama entry-level visual collaboration solution by display specialists Cyviz. The C1 301 2.8 megapixel-resolution display combines high-performance visualization with telepresence and data sharing. The product is integrated with Barco ClickShare to allow easy sharing of multiple sources allowing for high-end collaboration, advanced visualization and critical analysis.

Jeff Eisenhard, VP Americas at Cyviz explains: "the product is solving unique challenges in the Oil & Gas market, and has already been deployed at key Oil accounts including Chevron, and Noble Drilling."

"The F35 panorama projector meets the requirements of our customers for functionality on top of their current advanced-level videoconferencing portfolio. Removing the need to use two SXGA+ projectors to create a data sharing workflow, the F35 panorama projector reduces the overall system cost and has critical installation and maintenance benefits and is significantly better than LCD or flat panel solutions.

"This is the perfect entry level product in the Cyviz C1 product line, and offers standardization, interoperability and operational scalability."

Dataton makes multi-display made simple

Ten Dataton WATCHPAX™ solid-state media servers with in-built Dataton WATCHOUT™ version 5.5 multi-image display and presentation software will be managing high-resolution content across various screen sizes on the projectiondesign booth. Each WATCHPAX server will be positioned next to a projector and is addressed on the booth's IP network.

"This is the very first trade show where projectiondesign will use Dataton WATCHPAX throughout their booth. It's a natural extension to the trade show collaboration with projectiondesign we have enjoyed at trade shows around the world for a number of years," explains Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director, Dataton.

"WATCHPAX lends itself very well for trade shows where production staff don't have time to mess around with messy cabling and infrastructure. As its plug & play, WATCHPAX is loaded with content, started in no time and allows projectiondesign to focus their time on their customers and visitors who will no doubt be blown away by the impressive content being showcased."

Dataton will exhibit on booth 3915 at InfoComm 13.

Hear, touch and see sound: projectiondesign's VJ is in the house to party!

On the projectiondesign booth will be live Video Jockey demonstrations using interactive table technology from reactable. projectiondesign F22 sx projectors are installed inside the table with live camera feeds of video jockeys being displayed on the big screen using F32 1080 projector.

"reactable is an electronic musical instrument with a simple and intuitive design. InfoComm visitors to the projectiondesign booth will be able to experiment and create sound, change its structure and control its parameters in a direct and unique way," says Gunter Geiger, CEO at reactable. "Through its visual tangible interface the musician is able to connect with his music on several levels creating a richer experience for himself and his audience by hearing, seeing and touching the sound."

Let's get interactive with RomeAntics and Second Story

At InfoComm 13, multimedia designers RomeAntics will be celebrating 10 years of engaging audiences - a decade that has seen the company depend more and more on products from Norway's projectiondesign. Working closely with designers and producers, RomeAntics has developed system designs and managed multimedia installations for award-winning Museums, Visitor Centers and Corporate Productions.

Second Story is an innovation center pioneering new interactive experiences. Since 1994, Second Story has pushed the boundaries of storytelling for brands and institutions across digital channels - web, mobile, and installations-empowering audiences to connect and share.

In this year's projectiondesign booth at InfoComm, RomeAntics and Second Story will be demonstrating an interactive game they developed using Microsoft Kinect depth-sensing cameras, projectiondesign F22 projectors and audio to create a physical immersive gaming environment.

projectiondesign technology can be found on several partner booths on the trade show floor including Barco (2543), Dalite (2501), Dataton (3915) and Stewart Filmscreen (2243).

projectiondesign will exhibit at Booth 3615 at InfoComm 13 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, from 12-14 June 2013.

Featured Product

Art Diffusor® Model D by Acoustics First

Art Diffusor® Model D by Acoustics First

The ArtDiffusor® Model D (patent applied for) is the newest in the ArtDiffusor® Series. The Model D is an organic, quadratic diffuser; fusing diverse design concepts such as MLS, QRD, bicubic interpolation and boolean logic mapping. These rolling, asymmetric diffusers minimize specular acoustic reflections while improving sound clarity and ambience. Their design encourages developing customized patterns, allowing for a truly unique installation - every time.