Aquavision makes the smart home even smarter with its ground-breading ConnecTV and ConnecTV Active, HDBaseT ready televisions.

Aquavision, the world's leading manufacturer of waterproof and in-wall televisions, has announced another industry and world first with the launch of its new range of ConnecTV HDBaseT™ ready products.

HDBaseT™ technology is optimised for whole home distribution and allows consumers to connect all of their entertainment devices through the 5Play feature set, which converges uncompressed full HD 1080p digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, and various control signals over one Category 5E or above twisted pair cable.

Richard Henton, Aquavision's managing director, explained, "There is currently enormous consumer demand for high-definition entertainment; a trend only continuing to grow as a greater access to higher quality HD content becomes more available as a result of broadcasters embracing the HD format, Blu-ray, 3D, Online gaming and the increasing popularity of online streaming such as Netflix, Hulu, Lovefilm and Sky's Now TV. In order to satisfy this demand, the installer community needs a dependable connectivity solution that can be implemented easily, quickly and economically - and ConnecTV ticks all the boxes."

Aquavision's pioneering range of 19", 22" and 26", waterproof and in-wall televisions can also incorporate a unique in-built ConnecTV Active, module. This sophisticated component eliminates the need for a separate power cable by utilising up to 60W of power over HDBaseT™ (PoH), which is based on established power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This allows the Series 4 televisions to operate over a single Category 5E or above cable that can run for up to 60m without signal degradation.

When combined with the industry's wide range of HDBaseT™ Lite matrix switchers and extenders, 5Play convergence is guaranteed achievable for delivery of full HD video, HD audio, bidirectional control of source and Aquavision display from either location, and power, all through a single Cat5e/6 cable.

PoE has a proven track record in enterprise network applications for deploying equipment such as wireless access points, surveillance cameras and access control systems wherever they are needed. The use of just one Category 5E cable to connect a variety of devices also makes it possible to reduce the number of different cables normally required for operating consumer electronics (CE) products and systems - all of which saves time, money and effort for faster, more efficient, future-proof projects that significantly reduce installation time and costs, while enhancing end user experience. Until now though, no-one has managed to be able run enough power through the CAT5E cable to power a Television. Aquavision has managed to do this to create the world's most advanced television.

The Aquavision ConnecTV televisions can network with stereos, computers and other CE devices, and access multimedia content including video, pictures and music. Meanwhile, installing the Aquavision couldn't be easier and can be achieved via a central hub. As many of the other products on the network will also have HDBaseT™ transmitters built in, connecting them is straightforward.

"Since Aquavision launched in 1999 we have continually integrated the very best and very latest technology into our products, which is why we are tremendously excited to be the first company to introduce HDBaseT™ ready waterproof and in-wall televisions in collaboration with Wyrestorm - a company whose reputation in the industry and experience with single-cable solutions will help ensure our HDBT-enabled screens are included in ever more high quality HD installations around the world." continued Aquavision's Richard Henton. "HDBaseT™ offers installers and end users a whole host of new possibilities for the provision of CE and our extensive range of televisions are at the forefront of this next generation of home entertainment."

The Aquavision ConnecTV range will be available in three finishes: Black, polar white and MirrorVision (when the television is switched off, the glass takes the form of a mirror that is suitable for shaving, make-up etc. When it is turned on, the mirror gives way to the television screen). All models also feature RS232 connection and infra-red codes to integrate with most home automation systems. Furthermore, heated screens are utilised to avoid misting up making them suitable for installation in bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. As with all Aquavision's, these TVs come with a waterproof remote control and optional speakers.

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