luminaid choses Paradox Engineering to partner for FUTURE PROOF Smart lighting and smart city initiatives

The two Companies will present their partnership at LumiVille 2013, opening today in Lyon

Novazzano, 28 May 2013 - Luminaid and Paradox Engineering SA announce their partnership to offer the market future proof lighting management and Smart City technologies. Acknowledging an ideal strategic alignment and recognizing the high value of respective technological offerings, the two Companies are setting Paradox Engineering's PE.AMI wireless network platform to complement Luminaid's lighting offer: together, they will grant reliable and future proof intelligent LED lighting acting as one of the key applications for broader Smart City initiatives. Together the two companies will provide lighting and control solutions for both existing and new build applications and for the replacement of conventional lighting by high quality LED lighting solutions.

The two Companies will present their partnership at LumiVille 2013, opening today in Lyon.

Luminaid develops high quality LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and urban applications, providing complete integrated lighting solutions with light quality, reduced costing structure, increased life cycle and energy efficiency as key benefits. Luminaid products contribute to achieving significant power consumption savings, sustainability targets and CO2 emission reductions while creating opportunities to improve performance, productivity, quality of life and safety through the highest and most stringent quality standard whilst fulfilling the contemporary designs and functional demands of the sophisticated LED market.

PE.AMI is the ultra-low power multipurpose and bidirectional broadband/narrowband wireless sensor network platform truly enabling the 'Internet of Things' concept providing native interoperability through open standards, therefore granting a future proof choice to customers. It enables such applications as streetlight management, Advanced Meter Reading for gas, water and electricity, EV chargers management, traffic management, and many more. Allowing various services on the same network, at once or in the time, it suits the needs of Cities, municipalities and utility companies, but also fits the requirements of private or public facilities looking for indoor and outdoor lighting control solutions also supporting additional resource management.

"Paradox Engineering's technology is the perfect complement to our offer as it will help customers to get the maximum from their Luminaid's products today and in the future, thanks to a scalable platform also protecting their investments." states Chris Boomars, CEO at Luminaid. "Our customers will benefit by this partnership which will ensure they get a reliable solution based on high quality hardware and network control platform."

"With Luminaid we found perfect technological and strategic alignment", continues Gianni Minetti, CEO at Paradox Engineering. "We look forward to working together on the promising projects we have identified in vibrant regions such as China, North America and the Middle East, besides Europe of course."

Down this new challenging and promising path, both companies bring their respective solid expertise. In fact, Luminaid's research & development expertise in LED technology goes back to the origin of LED lighting and has made a direct contribution to the development of the very first functional white LED lamps. On the other hand, Paradox Engineering holds a solid track record of lighting management and Smart City deployments spanning Cities such as Paris and San Francisco, besides other Smart City projects in Europe and in the world.

About Paradox Engineering SA

Paradox Engineering SA is a highly dynamic company that pioneers technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data. Urban and industrial wireless sensor networks and global virtual networks are key components of Paradox Engineering's solution portfolio for any company implementing Smart City, smart grid, energy management, condition and remote monitoring, industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts as a 'one stop shop' provider of turnkey solutions and technologies on a truly global scale through a consolidated network of strategic partners.

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