BrightSign Solid-state Digital Signage Players Power Menu Boards in Argo Tea's 26 Global Locations

Network-enabled Signage Simplifies Remote Updates, Saves Energy

LOS GATOS, CA - (May 17, 2013) - BrightSign, LLC®, the market leader in digital signage players, today announced that Argo Tea, a Chicago-based chain of specialty tea caf©s, has installed a total of 78 BrightSign network-enabled digital signage players to deliver high-definition menu boards at the company's 26 caf©s located across the globe. Argo Tea uses the networking capabilities of BrightSign's controllers and BrightSign Network Manager to remotely update prices and menu items on the 78 menu boards from its headquarters in Chicago.

"BrightSign's digital signage players enabled us to consolidate management of our entire network of digital menu boards," said Simon Simonian, Argo Tea's Co-Founder.

"For example, updating seasonal menu items from company headquarters centralized a process that created efficiencies and cost savings."

Argo Tea's triple-board menu displays use three ultra-compact BrightSign media players discreetly hidden behind slim 46- and 52-inch monitors for each location in Chicago, New York City, St. Louis, Boston, Beirut and Abu Dabi. The menu board for Argo Tea's Signature drinks displays looped content featuring high-resolution photos of its Signature drinks, loose leaf tea varietals and coffee beverages, all highlighting pricing and calorie count for the various sizes. Other zones in the displays are used to showcase Argo Tea's seasonal specials, loyalTea program and chariTea partner.

With Argo Tea caf©s open an average of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, reliability was a key requirement when selecting BrightSign's digital media players. Cost, ease of use, scalability and the ability to control their own content and updates were also top priorities that influenced the decision to go with BrightSign.

BrightSign's market-leading digital signage solution includes the hardware, software and networking capabilities for a complete, turnkey system that eliminates compatibility issues and makes digital signage very easy to deploy. In less than a month, Argo Tea was able to take its Chicago-based pilot from concept to design and then to deployment. Within six months, the BrightSign-based digital menu boards were up and running at 21 locations. Following this initial deployment, BrightSign-based menu boards were later deployed in other US cities, as well as new international locations. The players are fully scalable, so displays can be easily upgraded as Argo's needs change. Priced significantly lower than PC-based solutions, BrightSign's solid-state platform ensures high reliability because it has no moving parts to fail. With a power requirement of only about 3-5 watts compared to 70-90 watts for the average PC, it also uses substantially less power. For additional energy savings, BrightSign presentations can be programmed to power the displays on and off according to the business hours of each Argo Tea caf© location.

Argo Tea designs, develops and manages the content for all of its locations at its headquarters in Chicago. Using BrightSign Network's secure, Web-based application, Argo can add and manage content for all 78 BrightSign players remotely. One feature that simplifies this task for Argo is the ability to organize the players into groups. For example, when different cities have different pricing, it requires certain menu board images to be different, but Argo can group these updates rather than having to send them individually.

The BrightSign digital signage controllers used by Argo include the free BrightAuthor software application. This makes creating, publishing, managing and monitoring digital signage displays easy - even for non-technical users. BrightAuthor optimizes one of the key advantages of BrightSign digital signage by offering flexible scheduling and day-parting (scheduling the display of content for specific times throughout the day). With day-parting, the caf©s can automatically change the menus displayed according to the time of day, delivering a more personalized experience and ultimately increasing sales.

Pricing & Availability

BrightSign players are available from the BrightSign store. Models range from $250 - $700. Distributor pricing is available upon request. BrightSign's BrightAuthor software application runs on all late-model PCs and is included free of charge.

About BrightSign

BrightSign, LLC is the market leader in digital signage players. Based in Los Gatos, California, the company develops products, software and networking solutions for digital signage. BrightSign solid-state digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity. Online information about BrightSign units is available at For US sales inquiries, please contact or call +1-408-852-9263. For European sales inquiries, please email Pierre Gillet: or call +44-1223-911842. Follow BrightSign at and

About Argo Tea

Argo Tea, Inc. is a Chicago-based food and beverage company responsible for pioneering the innovative tea caf© concept. We are passionate about bringing teas directly from growers around the world, and blending them into unique and delicious signature beverages and teas. We are committed to being a sustainable business by working with the best local and global tea, coffee, and food artisans, and by contributing back to our communities to promote a healthy lifestyle and the conservation of natural resources. We are dedicated to delivering consistent quality and a genuine customer experience "one customer and one cup at a time," and to providing the "Argo experience" through our innovative approach of rediscovering the diversity and tradition of teas. Our signature drinks are made with all-natural "ingredients with purpose". Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, we are proud of our Chicago heritage. We have retail partners across the globe, and our caf©s are located in Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Boston, and Beirut. Our products are available for distribution, foodservice, retail, and hospitality companies in the U.S. and internationally. Learn more at

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