AVerMedia to Introduce Portable Live Streaming Encoder at InfoComm 2013- AVerCaster HD Duet (F239)

Reach more audiences through the power of streaming encoder. Just visit us at InfoComm booth#4771.

AVerMedia Technologies, specialists in HD Video Capture and Streaming solutions, are pleased to announce the release of the AVerCaster HD Duet (F239), which will be showcased at InfoComm 2013 booth#4771. AVerCaster HD Duet is a dual-channel video streaming encoder with compact chassis-design which ingests and encodes HD video from HDMI/ Component input sources for delivering live content over IP network. AVerCaster HD Duet can also be used for broad media delivery across the Internet by publishing RTMP to Content Delivery Network (CDN) and famous live streaming platforms, such as YouTube, USTREAM, Livestream, Justin TV. AVerCaster HD Duet allows user to configure the quality of the encoding format, including video/ audio bitrate, frame rate, rate control, to meet the network bandwidth condition.

AVerCaster HD Duet can be fully configured and controlled using the embedded web management page - AVerCaster Management Webpage, which can be accessed remotely via a Web browser on a PC or mobile device over a network. AVerCaster Management Webpage provides all the essential control and configuration options for administer, including channel switching, streaming protocols and encoding format. The intuitive interface leads you step-by-step through the process of creating live streaming. Even better, with a live video preview window, administer can monitor and make adjustments in real-time. The operation of AVerCaster HD Duet is easy enough for novices, yet fully configurable for expert user.

AVerCaster HD Duet is highly suitable for any application that needs to integrate live video content in locations such as commercial buildings, churches, hospitals, schools and government facilities. It has been designed to address the proliferation of IPTV and OTT video streams in environments such as Education, Hospitality, Transportation, Healthcare and more. With the AVerCaster HD Duet, business owners of hotels and medical service centers can save money and time on cabling and installation of set-top boxes for each room. They can instead utilize their existing infrastructure to provide clients with rich multimedia entertainment and other premium services.

More information about AVerMedia AVerCaster HD Duet (F239) and live streaming solutions are available at solutions.avermedia.com.

About AVerMedia Technologies, Inc

The AVerMedia Technologies is the preeminent name in designing, manufacturing and marketing multimedia products. Alongside a full-line of TV tuner and personal video recorder, AVerMedia Technologies provides high quality video capture, converting and streaming devices for consumer, corporate and industrial markets. AVerMedia Technologies is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication between people. Founded in 1990, AVerMedia Technologies became a public company in 2000. AVerMedia Technologies adheres to the latest green manufacturing standards in delivering the highest quality products.

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