Snugg Home Joins EnergySavvy's Audit Partner Program to Advance Energy Efficiency

Snugg Home and EnergySavvy have joined forces to advance the integration of residential energy efficiency.

Boulder, CO May 01, 2013

EnergySavvy will provide reporting and other services for energy efficiency programs, while Snugg Home will provide an advanced audit and sales tools for contractors that also collects the data from those audits that programs require. The audit tool, Snugg Pro, allows for a faster audit that generates reports designed to educate and convert audits to upgrades. Communication between the two platforms will utilize HPXML.

"Many contractors around the country need to enter data 2 or 3 times in order to meet their program requirements. Snugg Home and EnergySavvy together eliminate this need. What's more, Snugg Pro's advanced modeling engine (based on OptiMiser technology) allows for fewer data points with more accurate energy savings estimates." - Jeff Friesen, CTO Snugg Home.

The Snugg Pro platform is ideally suited to integrate with third party APIs and the HPXML standard. This partnership will help ensure that the days of double data entry for contractors and incomplete data collection for programs are over for good.

Snugg Home is a member of the national working group led by the National Home Performance Council and BPI, developing BPI data collection and transfer standards designed to reduce the reporting burden on contractors and programs. The HPXML Standard provides the basis for information exchange between home efficiency contractors and support organizations. Agreement on an open standard protocol enables wider use and adaptation across software tools and allows the seamless and automated reporting of home improvement information to energy efficiency programs across the country.

The partnership announcement was made at the ACI National Home Improvement Conference in Denver on April 30th where both companies were attending and exhibiting.

"EnergySavvy's Audit Partner Program enables utilities and contractors to work together in a more business-friendly way through best-of-breed software while avoiding unnecessary costs and IT risk. We're honored to work with some of the best diagnostic software companies to embrace and bring open standards to the market." - Aaron Goldfeder, CEO of EnergySavvy

"Snugg Home is thrilled to partner with Energy Savvy. Energy Savvy's Optix software aligns perfectly with our mission to streamline the energy retrofit process for contractors." -Adam Stenftenagel, CEO of Snugg Home

Snugg Pro's proposal generator is designed to help any type of contractor create beautiful customized reports, while giving them access to a suite of savings calculations that incorporate energy efficiency measures.

About Snugg Home

Snugg Home, established 2012 in Boulder, CO, is the company behind Snugg Pro, a cloud-based laptop and iPad sales tool for residential contractors, energy auditors & energy efficiency programs. The Snugg Home team is passionate about bringing energy efficiency to homes in a simple, understandable and profitable way for both homeowners and contractors.

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