WISE TIVI Launches on Indiegogo to Crowdfund Their Android Device That Instantly Turns Your HDTV into A Super Powerful Android Smart Tv and Games Console

WISE TIVI have announced their Indiegogo crowdfunding launch to raise $100,000 for the final development of their device, which boasts the power to turn any TV into a super-powerful Android TV and Games Console.

Mountain View, CA April 18, 2013

WISE TIVI makes it simple to transform any HDTV into the ultimate Smart TV, with Android Gaming capabilities and access to the entire Google Play store, with thousands of games and apps on board.

The compact device boasts powerful specifications with its Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 1.6GhZ CPU and super-fast quad-core ARM Mali-400 GPU, which will allow you to play any 3D Android game with ease. The Wise TIVI also supports the latest Adobe Flash Player and HTML5, allowing an increased range of support for content.

WISE TIVI are redefining the Smart TV - they've discovered that all the current options
available on the market are either incompatible with many apps and games (due to inferior hardware and software) or simply over priced. WISE TIVI solves this problem: it's smart, powerful AND affordable.

To crowdfund the final development of their device, WISE TIVI are offering the chance to pre-order their devices for a reduced price on Indiegogo.com. Options range from the basic device for $79, a Limited Edition Indiegogo version for $89 and the 'Full WISE TIVI Package'(which includes the WISE Remote) for $109. They're also offering two pledge rewards, in the form of thermo-mugs for $15 and Wi-Fi reception tshirts for $25, all of which are available on their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page:


CEO Andrew Orekhov said: "We've worked hard over the past two years on a practical and affordable solution to turn your existing HDTV into a super-powerful Smart TV.

"We're now at the stage where our devices are close to being shipped and we're asking for your support to fund the final stage of production. That's why we've chosen Indiegogo as our launch pad"

WISE TIVI allows you to play popular 3D Android games on your TV and gives you access to various entertainment apps such as Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video, HULU, YouTube® and PLEX. The WISE TIVI also gives you easy access to thousands of apps through Google Play, and offers the most comprehensive streaming player available today, with full DLNA access.

To complement the overall experience, WISE TIVI's universal remote and AirMouse combination, allowing you to touch, tap, scroll and drag. The full QWERTY keyboard helps users search for their favourite entertainment. Plus, its universal feature makes it easy to control all your home entertainment devices with one remote. You can get a WISE TIVI Portable and Air Mouse combination for the special price of $109 on Indiegogo.

Indiegogo campaign link:


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