Strategic Component Design Smooths the Path for Successful Commercial Integration

Manufacturers of equipment should be making the integrator's job easier by designing products to work together.

Northbrook, Illinois: April 2013 - If you had to make an elevator speech on the value of integration services, the word "simplify" would probably come up a lot. Executives dream of telepresence equipment to link their remote offices, kiosks with remote interactive white boards to make presentations more accessible, attention-grabbing corporate display boards, video security systems to protect their facilities -- and most importantly, easily comprehensible interfaces to tie everything together. The integrator's job is to bring the dizzying array of available options down to earth in neat, manageable packages.

Manufacturers of equipment should be making the integrator's job easier by designing products to work together. It makes sense for integrators to look for manufacturers who are designing for versatility and synergy, with components that perfectly complement hardware from other companies. Adherence to standards-based design principles is a crucial step toward enhancing compatibility across brands and simplifying the integrator's choices (and by extension, the end user's).

For example, the rush to enhanced commercial integration of telepresence and interactive conference technology demands top-quality sound equipment to support the visual components. Integrators understand that crystal-clear sound amplification is fundamental to effective telepresence communication, enhancing audience perception and improving information retention. Current designs for speakers, line array sound bars, and other audio elements emphasize versatility and compactness, with an eye to standardized mounting and connectivity expectations. Standards-based design ensures the long-term connectivity of components across manufacturers. By anticipating the needs of the digital signage industry, sound system manufacturers are looking to the future and discovering innovative commercial applications for their product lines. Integrators can take advantage of this forward-looking strategy by promoting partnered products that work together effortlessly.

AmpliVox Sound Systems, an Illinois-based designer and manufacturer of sound equipment, has had a successful track record in fitting its products to the demands of the larger AV industry. Partnering with compatible companies around the country, AmpliVox has had its sound systems integrated into lecterns manufactured by Da-Lite Screen Company, Inc.; connected its line array sound bars to interactive Mastervision white boards from Bi-Silque; supplied speakers for computer/AV carts from the Bretford Company and MooreCo.; and mounted its line arrays to teleconferencing media carts from AVTEQ, Inc. In each case, AmpliVox products were designed with standardized rack mounts and plug-and-play connections to achieve simple, seamless integration with the video hardware and computers. Dealers and consumers appreciate the convenience of having complete packages of reliably compatible equipment.

AmpliVox designs all its products to match form with function. Team members watch for innovations in the AV industries, from digital signage to teleconferencing to presentation support furniture, and then design sound equipment that will enhance those products. The overall goal is to make integration a seamless, simple process, with one-stop shopping as a practical reality.

The booming development of new interactive products will continue to drive the need for complementary sound support. Commercial integration specialists will reap the benefits when companies like AmpliVox commit to staying abreast of new design paradigms and matching their products to those innovations. Partnerships between companies in complementary industries can create synergies to improve efficiency and simplicity for commercial integration professionals and end users.

About Don Roth:

Don Roth is CEO of AmpliVox Sound Systems, a designer and manufacturer of portable sound systems, presentation lecterns, media carts, and other advanced audio devices. AmpliVox offers a wide selection of sound products to meet all needs, whether in a small meeting room of 30 people or a 20,000 square foot auditorium with 10,000 people. Roth can be reached at

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