VitaSound Audio Inc. Introduces First Multi-Functional Audio Enhancement Device for TV, Face-to-Face Conversation and Cellphone/MP3 Player Use

The Personal Audio Enhancer, powered by leading-edge brain-science based technology, is now available for purchase

HAMILTON, Ontario--VitaSound Audio Inc., the industry leader of neural-based audio-enhancement technology, today announces the availability of the Personal Audio Enhancer (PAE-300), a multi-functional audio-enhancement device which allows users to better hear and distinguish sounds in everyday situations. Designed for those who experience situational hearing difficulties, the PAE-300 provides users with an improved sound quality in situations where background noise or low-audio levels make hearing difficult.

The Personal Audio Enhancer (PAE-300) features four sound modes, each of which has been designed to address a common, 'hard to hear' listening situation: Watch Mode for watching television (featuring a wireless connection within a 33-foot range with no line-of-sight requirements), Talk Mode for conversing face-to-face in noisy environments such as restaurants, Listen Mode for talking on a mobile phone or listening to an audio player, and Relax Mode, which provides soothing sounds for relaxation or temporary relief from tinnitus.

A distinguishing feature of the Personal Audio Enhancer is the patented, proprietary Neuro-Compensator®, a powerful digital sound processing software which uses leading-edge brain science to optimize incoming audio, and provide users with a clear and natural listening experience. This is the only audio-enhancement device on the market to boast this technology.

"Each person is unique, and the same can be said for their listening preferences. By utilizing our Neuro-Compensator technology, users are able to choose the Neural EQ mode that matches that predilection," said Gora Ganguli, CEO of VitaSound. "Simply put, the PAE-300 is the most sophisticated sound enhancement product on the market today. We believe nothing is more important for someone with situational hearing difficulties than to feel engaged in their surroundings, and our product gives users that feeling."

The Personal Audio Enhancer is sleek, lightweight, and durable making it ideal for social situations and active use. Each unit contains Personal Audio Enhancer handset, a base unit with wireless transmitter, earphones with microphone, carrying case, A/C adaptor, and cables that make it easy to use with stereo, RCA, Optical, and Coaxial TV jacks. The device is fuelled by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts up to 14 hours.

The Personal Audio Enhancer has an MSRP of $399 and is available through D&H Distributing,, SkyMall, and Herrington. The PAE-300 is also available through health professional catalogs such as; Westone, Teltex, Oaktree Products Inc., and Warner Tech Care Products. For more information, visit Be sure to follow VitaSound Audio Inc. on Facebook.

VitaSound Audio Inc ( located in Hamilton ON Canada, brings innovative technology to the hearing and audio markets. VitaSound's patented Neuro-Compensator®, the world's first neural-based audio enhancement technology, is a powerful digital sound processing software that utilizes leading-edge brain science to optimize incoming audio and provide a clear and natural listening experience-taking the performance of devices to an entirely new level. VitaSound's line of Neuro-Compensator-based products includes a full range of hearing aids, as well as unique products like the PAE-300 Personal Audio Enhancer, a multi-function audio-enhancement device that improves the listening experience for those with situational hearing difficulties.

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