Home Automation Hound Welcomes iSS LLC To Its Marketing Services Program

iSS has now partnered with Home Automation Hound, joining the nationwide team of integrators.

Los Angeles March 30, 2013

iSS LLC, a full-service automated home theater installation and security company based in Knoxville, Tennessee, has officially joined forces with Home Automation Hound (HAH), an online resource dedicated exclusively to consumer education and comparative analysis among the major home automation systems and professionals in the marketplace.

Having become the top search result for "Home Automation Los Angeles", HAH continues to expand its services nationally, now including the "Home Automation Knoxville" area. The company is thrilled to have iSS LLC join in its efforts in providing consumers with the most accredited and qualified home automation professionals. "We are very excited that we can bring our knowledge and experience to a forum that will educate home owners", said Jeremiah Morales, Director of Sales and Marketing at iSS. "Most online 'Resources' simply exist to sell you something. HAH is a breath of fresh air to the world of home automation where integrators are advocates for technology we all know and love, not just salesmen." George Borghi, longtime smart home professional and CEO of Home Automation Hound, said, "We are thrilled to assist iSS in reaching a larger online audience. Home Automation Hound visitors seeking luxury integration services in East Tennessee and beyond will certainly benefit from their inclusion in our expert pages." iSS will now have a Big Dog expert page on the site equipped with a customized video, social media promotions, customer reviews, videos, photos, an overview of systems supported, and a list of certifications.

Home Automation Hound's mission is to be a dynamic consumer resource that will grow with the home automation industry. The website aims to raise awareness of home automation in general and give consumers a place to go to inform their purchasing decisions. Browsing the HAH site is a solid first step for consumers who are curious about or excited by home automation systems, products, and professionals. As Home Automation Hound continues to disseminate valuable, objective consumer-centric information and raise the awareness of the industry as a whole, everyone benefits.

About Home Automation Hound

Home Automation Hound is the first comprehensive and impartial website for learning about home automation, comparing products, and searching for trained and certified integration professionals. The site includes a rich selection of videos, system comparison data, customer reviews, articles and search tools to help homeowners find the best home automation systems and service providers in their area. For more information visit http://www.homeautomationhound.com.

About iSS LLC

iSS was founded on the ideal that we can provide to our clientele a service set that affords them the convenience of calling one phone number to address all of their low voltage needs. We offer everything thing from a security alarm system all the way to a dedicated home theater system. No job is too small nor too big for us to handle. For more information visit http://www.isstenn.com.

Featured Product

MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

Use for any Low Voltage Cabling, A/V, Telecom, Data, Networking Ideal for : Sound Bars & Wall Speakers • Home Theater Cabling • A/V Furniture The SPEEDPORT™ is incredibly versatile and is ideal for wall mounted box speakers, sound bars and wireless access devices mounted in ceilings. It can accommodate almost any device needed to be hung on a wall or ceiling with cable pass thru and mounting. The ultra low profile design features a rubber grommet insert for bulk cable pass thru. Two mounting screws are hidden behind the grommet and offer a clean, unobtrusive presentation. Installation is quick & simple using a hole saw and attaches to acoustical ceiling tiles and/or gypsum board. Reducing labor and a whole lot of mess from hand cutting large rectangular holes - Low voltage brackets are no longer needed. Just cut your hole in the desired location, insert SPEEDPORT™ and tighten adjustable mounting arms to fasten securely.