Armodilo Tablet Kiosks Trending At Digital Signage Expo 2013

Armodilo Display Solutions among the #1 Digital Display Trend at Digital Signage Expo 2013 (DSE2013)

Waterloo, Ontario March 11, 2013

Digital Signage Expo was a huge success by almost every measure, attendance records were at an all time high and a variety of new products were on display including Armodilo Display Solution's premium iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stands. Armodilo had great interest during the show in it's 10 x 30' booth at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from February 27 - 28, 2013.

"We're not only excited by the amount of interest in our tablet display solutions for retail and corporate environments but thrilled to be noted as part of the #1 Digital Display Trend at DSE 2013 as published by The Digital Signage Connection. It's fantastic to see smaller, personalized interactive experiences such as our tablet display solutions seeing such a great amount of traction at one of the world's biggest digital signage shows", says Iles Guran, Founder & President.

"Tablet display stands / solutions create an easy to integrate, cost effective, and interactive opportunity where customers can have a more personalized and private chance for engagement which is extremely useful for active environments", Adds Guran. "Consumers are already comfortable with iPads and other tablets and at a lot of retail locations, customers prefer using a device that offers a little more privacy than a large videowall."

Armodilo Tablet Display Solutions work with a wide variety of tablet devices including iPads®, Android® and now Windows® based tablets thanks to it's patent-pending Tablet Fit-Kit™ to offer multi-tablet support, which is perfect for large deployments where tablets can easily be switched as required. Simply switch the Tablet Fit-Kit to easily change tablet devices.

Additional information on the multi-award winning Armodilo products and accessories can be found at

About Armodilo Display Solutions

Armodilo Display Solutions is a multiple award-winning tablet display manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada. With a variety of tablet display stands and accessories for trade show, event, retail and corporate markets, Armodilo sets itself apart by creating highly refined products for discerning brands around the world.

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