Intelen announces the new version of Building Analytics v2 with an enhanced Engagement platform for behavioral analytics to be demonstrated at CeBIT 2013 in Hanover, Germany, March 4-9

Using a building's analytics and mobile gamification by employees to save energy and money for companies

March 6 (Athens, Greece) - - Intelen, the leading start-up in building analytics and game mechanics applications for energy efficiency, has announced its participation in the one of the largest exhibitions worldwide, CeBIT 2013 in Hanover, Germany.

The company is one of the top-50 winners from the Code_n global digital innovation contest for innovative CleanTech startups ( and will present in Hanover an updated building analytics product enhanced with a special engagement platform that puts the consumers and employees of big commercial buildings in a continuous social gamification process to save energy by changing their collective behavior. The consumers that are in fact employees of big commercial buildings, using Intelen's mobile app, will form internal green teams for raising awareness and for following behavioral demand response signals to save energy generated by Intelen's building analytics platform.

Employee teams using mobile aps compete to save energy in their building

The teams, using their smart phones, can monitor and have a daily visual on the building's energy consumption and can have access to various energy -efficiency potential metrics and results; answer to sustainability surveys and awareness tests; follow behavioral efficiency events in real-time and win credits and rewards for good responses to these events by competing with their other colleagues in the company.

The basic combined product functionality that Intelen will present is the adaptive smart mapping of building energy consumption along with various insights on social human profiles inside the building. The system analyzes the real-time building energy consumption and various statistical metrics - and at the same time another sub-module analyzes the social profile and behavior of employees inside the building using specific mobile apps. Special algorithms and game mechanics / scenarios engage the user in a continuous game by offering energy efficiency services/alerts and personalized incentives to save energy and to follow behavioral demand response signals.

CeBIT main startup event will be held at Hall 16 between 4 and 9 March 2013

Intelen's presentation at the CeBIT startup event will be the final test-bed before announcing its entry into the US market in a major event in Los Angeles towards the end of March. The company will be relocating to New York City, with retail and sales offices in Florida and California while keeping the core software, R&D and EU sales operations in Greece.

About Intelen

Founded in 2010 as a start-up, Intelen is a growing CleanTech IT start-up and innovator in Smart Building Energy Analytics. Intelen's fully integrated platform provides real-time insight into energy use and offers robust mechanisms to drive ongoing energy efficiency through usage of gaming concepts, mobile apps and behavioral incentives. Its proprietary cloud-based software solution and sophisticated patent-pending algorithms provide real time insight into key drivers of building energy consumption. The company's integrated platform leverages mobile gaming and social networking principles to drive changes in the way buildings and its occupants use energy. Intelen creates sustainable social communities of aware people that save energy and optimize a building's performance by following real-time demand response behavioral scenarios.

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