New DTV Whitespace Technology Leveraged for On-site Content Distribution

FlexStream by West Pond Enterprises uses DTV whitespace to enable network operators to create and manage their own on-site television station. Even without Wi-Fi or wires, screens and content can be remotely manipulated, protected and managed.

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New DTV Whitespace Technology Leveraged for On-site Content Distribution

Hudson, MA - February 5, 2013 --- Multi-screen digital media networks have been a nightmare to manage, from expensive cable runs and Wi-Fi network congestion to inefficient content management and poor screen placement, DTV whitespace technology finally is an application to stop the presses. With a simple approach, DTV whitespace gives retailers the ability to create and manage their own on-site television station, offering flexibility in display location, content, and network management.

Network operators have long suffered angst over wired vs. Wi-Fi connected screens and subsequent screen placement and content quandaries. FlexStream from West Pond Enterprises offers relief by way of a stable and streamlined solution for digital content management that harnesses the power of multi-channel broadcast to make wireless content distribution reliable. The FlexStream Tribute, in combination with the MELD MT300 pico broadcaster, enables multiple content channels from a variety of sources to be simultaneously broadcast to a nearly infinite number of screens or televisions at a single location. Even without Wi-Fi or wires, screens and content can be remotely manipulated, protected, and managed.

The FCC ruling in 2010 created a new frontier for wireless communications and the industry has long waited to see how the broadcast whitespace would and could be used. Meld Technology has pioneered the use of whitespace technology and paved the way for the FlexStream suite of products to fully utilize the newly available spectrum. "Our customers have been struggling with on-site content distribution for years, and we are excited to see the industry will grow now that this hurdle has been overcome." says Steve Hastings, President and CEO, West Pond Enterprises. The FlexStream suite of products includes: Tribute, a multiplexer, encoder, and content protection device enabling the MELD MT300 broadcaster; Delta, a broadcast receiver and remote management device and; Confluence, a hosted device management service through which FlexStream customers can group, monitor, and control connected devices. The design offers a seamless retrofit for existing architectures by reducing capital outlay and providing efficient, clean installations for new locations; addressing yet another hurdle in the transition to second generation technology that many network operators are now facing.

Whitespace technology has applications spanning across industries and the full impact remains to be seen. "History has shown that the introduction of wireless technology was indeed 'Disruptive', forever changing usage habits," remarks Jordan Du Val, CEO, MELD Technology, Inc, "The innovation in the FlexStream suite continues toward this trend and will likely change the face of the out-of-home industry."

FlexStream and MELD MT300 will be on display at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Feb 27 and 28th.
About West Pond Enterprises, LLC.
West Pond Enterprises, LLC provides creative connectivity solutions which resolve communications issues in challenging environments. Specializing in DTV white space technology, West Pond Enterprises has developed the FlexStream suite of products to address the on-site communication needs of the digit signage industry. For more information, visit
About MELD Technology, Inc.
MELD Technology, Inc. (MELD) develops systems and intellectual properly to simply, efficiently, and cost effectively serve content to any Digital TV ever made. All MELD products are proudly designed in the USA. The company is privately held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. MELD's products are protected by US Patent numbers 8,063,996 and 8,341,678 with other patents pending. For more information, visit

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