Absolute Automation Inc. to Distribute the ELK Products M1 Gold System

Absolute Automation Inc. is now a registered ELK M1 Gold distributor. Warehouses in both Canada and the USA make Absolute Automation capable of providing sales and service on either side of the border.

Casco, MI January 24, 2013

Absolute Automation Inc. has been an alarm and automation system distributor since 1995. Specializing in temperature alarms, driveway alarms and other products geared towards the DIY (Do It Yourself) alarm enthusiasts Absolute Automation's Chief Technician Nathan McBride says, "Expanding to include the ELKM1 Gold Platform was a logical next step. We were already a distributor for several of ELK products and the M1 Gold System is incredibly versatile, making it compatible with virtually every product we sell."

The ELK M1 Gold system is a cross-platform security and automation control, "Elk's M1 Controls incorporate security, fire, door entry control, and energy & task management to provide total control of home or business. By working with products from over 50 partner manufacturers, the M1Gold & M1EZ8 offer a truly integrated solution. These IP accessible systems offer simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, from anywhere" (http://www.elkproducts.com).

Amy Campbell, a product tester for Absolute Automation stated that "The ELK M1 was a little daunting at first to try and setup. But after working with the software for a while and reading up on the different components, I now have my M1Gold working as small security and home automation panel. I'm excited with all the possibilities. Virtually anything I have thought of doing I can do with the right pieces! Also the online community is extremely helpful with purchasing and installing add-ons for the system."

For more information on the ELK M1G system as supplied by Absolute Automation please contact them at http://www.absoluteautomation.com or 1-888-885-9910.

Absolute Automation Inc. is a cross border company with warehouses in both Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada. Elk Products is an American company based out of North Carolina. Absolute Automation Inc. is also a recognized distributor of ELK Products meaning customers who purchase ELK M1 systems from Absolute Automation are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

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