New Crestron Cable Retractors give presenters fast and easy access to room AV systems

Cable management solution for Crestron FlipTop™ Boxes provides neat, easy connection of laptops to conference room, classroom, and lecture hall AV systems

Rockleigh, NJ, January 9, 2013 - Crestron today announced that its new family of versatile Cable Retractors is now available. Ideal for use in conference room tables and podiums, Crestron Cable Retractors provide a convenient cable management solution for use with most Crestron FlipTop™ Boxes, making it a breeze to connect laptop computers to a room's AV system. The old mess of tangled, and hard to access cables is now replaced by a clean, organized selection of popular AV cables which are available at every presenter's fingertips in seconds. Featuring innovative adjustable retraction speeds, an ergonomic easy-release lever, and horizontal and vertical mounting options, Crestron Cable Retractors add a fresh new experience to end user cable connectivity and AV accessibility.

Simply reach into the FlipTop storage compartment and pull out any cable up to 3 feet. The easy-hold mechanism automatically locks the cable in place at the desired length. A simple press of the easy-access lever retracts the cable smoothly back into the compartment, neatly hiding it away for the next presenter. Cable Retractor is available in a variety of models to support the latest popular AV cabling requirements including HDMI®, VGA, stereo audio, USB, Ethernet, HDBaseT™ and Crestron DigitalMedia 8G+™.

"Presenters, instructors, and lecturers don't have the time to fumble through a clutter of tangled wires to find the cable they need to connect their laptops," said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology. "Our cable retractor systems give you the cables you need, at the lengths you want, on demand - so you can connect to the house AV system quickly. Afterwards, all cables automatically return neatly out of sight where they belong, leaving behind a clean, professional appearance."

Each Cable Retractor features a patent-pending mechanism that slows the rate of retraction to prevent the cable from whipping as it is reeled back into the FlipTop storage compartment. The retraction speed is installer adjustable to ensure full and effortless retraction at the flip of a lever. Up to four cable retractors can be installed in a FlipTop box depending on the FlipTop model.

Cable retractors can be oriented in both horizontal and vertical positions. The standard mounting option allows retractors to hang vertically from the bottom of the FlipTop box and hidden in a pedestal leg or similar space. The horizontal mounting option attaches retractors to the underside of a tabletop. Loose hanging cable loops below the table are eliminated, creating a tidy system for routing multiple cables to a central, user-accessible location.

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