New Acurus and Aragon models demonstrated by Indy Audio Labs at CES 2013

Both the Aragon and Acurus lines share Indy Audio Labs proprietary web-based control technology

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10th, 2013 - Acurus and Aragon, brands of Indianapolis-based Indy Audio Labs, are presenting the newest models from each product line at CES 2013 in Venetian suite 30-332. On active demo are the NEW Acurus lineup of THX® Ultra2TM certified, Ethernet-enabled amplifiers (A2002, A2005 and A2007), along with the distinctive NEW Aragon line of single and dual monoblocks, the Iridium and 8008.

Aragon is the flagship line for Indy Audio Labs representing the ultimate performance electronics for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. Aragon metalwork is precision-machined in Indianapolis Indiana by some of the same machine shops that provide precision race car parts to teams from around the world. Aragon circuitry is also assembled in Indiana using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The circuitry is updated but based heavily on the prior designs preserving it's reputation for driving nearly any loudspeaker load with authority and transparency.

Acurus is positioned to be a high-value line for both entry-level 2-channel and modern home theater applications. All Acurus models feature the same low-distortion, robust, fully-discrete amplifier designs that Acurus owners have enjoyed since 1993. The new models include enhanced power supplies that allow the amplifiers to meet or exceed more than 500 bench tests required to achieve THX Ultra2 certification.

Both the Aragon and Acurus lines share Indy Audio Labs proprietary web-based control technology designed to ease system integration, simplify system control and even allow for direct control using mobile devices.

According to Rick Santiago, Indy Audio Labs CEO and co-founder, "2012 was the year in which we successfully launched the first Ethernet-enabled products from both Aragon and Acurus. We're happy to be able to show CES visitors these products in action in our suite and share what to expect from us next in 2013."

All models are available in worldwide voltage configurations for immediate delivery.

About Indy Audio Labs LLC
Founded in late 2008 by Rick Santiago and Ted Moore, Indy Audio Labs designs and manufactures audio and video electronics under the Aragon and Acurus brand names. Rick Santiago is the company's CEO. Aragon and Acurus were originally established by Mondial Designs in the mid-eighties and have, over time, established a world-wide reputation for providing a unique combination of American-made high-end A/V performance at a sensible cost for enthusiasts and sound professionals alike. Indy Audio Labs are members in good standing of CEA and CEDIA.

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