Touch Panel Flexibility with Push Button familiarity!

WACI PAD's are also autonomous control systems

Aurora's WACI PAD's consist of unique programmable LCD Buttons where the button image and assigned macro can change with each press. Buttons can be programmed via a 'drag and drop' environment with WPC (Waci Pad Creator) software to display custom Bitmap images with text as well as choice of background color while executing events and macro's for controlling Conference rooms or Classroom AV equipment.

With enough memory for up to 100 pages of buttons, the WACI PAD can emulate any touch panel project within a single-gang 6-button wall mount or 2-Gang 12-button mount.

WACI PAD's are also autonomous control systems complete with a PoE LAN port, bidirectional RS232 and IR/RS232 port allowing them to be programmed for full room control. Port expansion is possible through Aurora's full line of Nugget Port Expanders (RS232, IR, Relays or DIO versions) and when used with Aurora's other WACI NX controllers each button can display realtime feedback from Displays, projectors or other AV components. The units also boast an internal web server for hosting web Control pages for iPadTM/Tablet remote room control.

*6 and 12 Button Multi-Layered LCD, or 6 Button OLED Interfaces

*1 RS-232 and 1 IR/RS-232 (TX Only) Ports

*Internal Web Server for iPad/Tablet integration

*10/100 LAN with POE

*LCD Backlit Buttons Turn Red, Green & Orange and OLED Supports 64K Colors

*Allows WACI PAD Buttons to Become Hundreds

*Remote Firmware Upgrade Capable

*Dynamic Actions

*Fits in 1 Gang (PAD 6L and 6C) or 2 Gang (PAD 12) Electrical Box

*Also available in 12-button 1RU rack-mount panel

*Free WPC (WACI PAD Creator) Drag and Drop Software Tool

About Aurora Multimedia

Founded in 1997 by veterans of the audiovisual industry, Aurora Multimedia uses state-of-the-art technologies to define the cutting edge. Since the introduction of its IP-based control systems and touch panels, Aurora Multimedia has become a dominant force in the control system market. Advanced audio/video processors with features such as audio delay compensation, scaling, multi-image rotation and dual/quad display processing add to the highly-adaptive, diversified product line. Aurora Multimedia provides solutions for a variety of global markets including government, education, security, hospitality, corporate and residential.

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GreenPeak's GP565 - ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

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