Rubidium Ltd. Speech Solutions "Speaking" at 2013 CES

A variety of products featuring Rubidium's speech technologies showcased by various vendors

Raanana, Israel December 21, 2012

Rubidium Ltd., a global supplier of embedded speech processing technologies, announced today that its speech technologies including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and playback of Compressed Speech Playback (CSP) will be displayed in a variety of products and solutions at the International CES this year; January 8-11, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since the popularity of SIRI and Google Voice Search, Voice User Interface (VUI) has become a ubiquitous requirement in consumer devices. In light of this "SIRI Awakening," OEMs/ODMs are now being prevailed upon to provide customers with an intelligent, hands-free and more productive user experience. As a result, many companies across a variety of vertical markets are looking to embed speech interface as an integral, small-footprint solution. In order to help its clients achieve that goal in a successful and cost-effective way, Rubidium offers its technology suite as a multi-lingual "hands free" solution available on a variety of platforms and processors. Rubidium's ASR, TTS and CSP solutions have been industry proven over the past 17 years in over 35 million products across the globe.

"Rubidium offers a small-footprint imitation of the human speech system that can be truly integrated into any consumer device, allowing the device and its user to engage in a verbal dialogue," states Shlomo Peller, CEO and Founder of Rubidium Ltd. "We endeavor to become a one-stop-shop of embedded speech processing technology, covering all speech and voice dialogue requirements". Rubidium's speech processing technologies are available as either a single chip solution or software libraries ported to diversified CPU cores such as ARM, TeakLite and BlueCore.

Rubidium's Innovative Technologies can be seen in the following booths:

*CEVA-(Booth: LVH Hospitality, - Suite 28-115) - See a demonstration of Rubidium's technology on CEVA's TeakLite DSP Core

*Jabra® (Booth: LVCC, Central Hall - 11608) - See Bluetooth enabled headsets, car kits and
UC devices including the Jabra FREEWAY, Jabra Journey, Jabra STONE2, Jabra SUPREME, Jabra SUPREME UC and the Jabra EXTREME2.

*Panasonic (Booths: LVCC, Central Hall - 9406, 9806) - See Talking Called ID telephones with Rubidium inside.

*CSR (Booth: LVCC, South Hall 2 - MP25179) - Rubidium is an official CSR Extension Partner and runs on the BlueCore5MM™ and CSR8670™

*ARM® (Booth: LVCC, South Hall 2 - MP25144) - Rubidium is a member of the ARM Connected Community and runs on various cores from ARM7™ and ARM9™ to certain members of the Cortex™ series

*Several new products featuring Rubidium solutions will be announced during the show

The 2013 CES will feature 3,000 global technology companies unveiling the latest consumer technology products and services across 15 major product categories including the latest in audio, automotive electronics, connected home technologies, digital imaging/photography, electronic gaming, entertainment/content and more.

For an appointment and/or demonstration of Rubidium's technology please request a meeting at info(at)rubidium(dot)com.

About Rubidium Ltd.
Rubidium's speech technology offering covers the entire scope of a voice dialogue system: input, output and interaction. Rubidium is continuously innovating industry leading speech processing solutions for embedded applications, such as TTS, ASR, Speech Compression and Biometric Speaker Verification. Rubidium helps OEMs & ODMs provide customers with a hands-free, highly productive user experience. Rubidium's low cost, small footprint, multi-lingual speech processing solutions enable consumer product developers to get their products to market as fast as possible. Visit @RubidiumLtd on Twitter and YouTube and also at

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