The innovative, edgy headphone brand delivers a sound purity and identity that is unmatched in the performance headphone market.

San Diego, CA - December 19, 2012 - MUNITIO™ is an urban lifestyle headphone brand that fuses sleek designs with studio-grade sound to achieve an immersive listening experience unmatched by other performance headphones. Influential recording artists, producers, and tour DJs hail MUNITIO for the brand's unique sound- tight, thundering bass, smooth mids and crystal-clear highs. Now, as the company prepares to unveil its new earphone line and launch its first over ear headphones, the powerful cult-brand will deliver what no other headphone line has been able to - epic levels of sound quality with an edgy design vibe.

MUNITIO launched into the personal audio scene in 2010 with the introduction of their signature SITi (Standard Issue Titanium) 9mm tactical earphones. The SITi's casings are individually machined and packed with proprietary technology including MUNITIO Bass Enhancing Chamber™ and Silicone Hollow Points™ tips that deliver an explosive yet refined sound identity.

In 2013, MUNITIO will continue to introduce revolutionary headphones that raise the bar even higher. Debuting at Pepcom's Digital Experience during CES® 2013, attendees will get an exclusive first look and the chance to demo the exciting new headphone lines including their latest version of the iconic 9mm earphones NINES™.

"MUNITIO and our customers live and breathe music and style. We don't mistake loud for good. We let the listener hear the full dynamics of the recording. Our sound creates the visceral emotion that comes when you connect to the music. We don't compromise sound, quality matters," states Robert Benjamin, co-founder of MUNITIO.

"It takes discipline in design and engineering not to settle for a me-too headphone. We know music is personal and our new headphone line embraces the concept that every music genre is unique with vast levels of complexity and subtle nuances that music producers want fans to experience. The fact that they look completely dope just elevates that experience," said co-founder Danny Massaro.

MUNITIO signed Caster Communications to grow brand awareness amongst the consumer electronics, audio, mobile gaming and music enthusiasts, as well as key targeted demographics. "MUNITIO crafts unique performance lifestyle headphones that bring audiophile quality sound to a community with a shared passion for music and individuality, there's nothing else in the market like them," said Caster President Kimberly Lancaster. "We intend to target those audiences that embrace the music culture, from electro to hip hop; entire communities are built around music, and in a the crowded mobile audio space it's exciting to be a part of team that isn't compromising sound fidelity for quick-to-market, me-too headphones."

MUNITIO headphones celebrate the music and represent sonically what artists want you to hear. That's why MUNITIO created the Mobile Lifestyle Movement [MLM], a community of like-minded individuals that believe in the immersive music and mobile gaming experience. Join MUNITIO's MLM on Facebook or follow on Twitter @MUNITIO.

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MUNITIO™ is a San Diego, California based urban lifestyle brand specializing in performance grade audio headphones. Latin for defense works and fortification, MUNITIO is a brand of tactical quality, style and performance. MUNITIO is a diverse collection of music industry veterans, audiophiles and design specialists passionate about music and its power to enrich our life experiences through the expression of individuality and community. MUNITIO is committed to the design and build revolutionary audio products with optimal listener enjoyment in mind.

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