Xhibit Signage: Introducing a State-of-the-Art, Cloud-based Digital Signage System from Mvix

Mvix announces the launch of its much-awaited, cloud-based digital signage system: Xhibit Signage. A combination of a digital signage device (player) and a permission-based, content management system (CMS) accessible via a standard browser, the Xhibit Signage platform is targeted toward enterprise-scale applications.

Sterling, VA December 13, 2012

Mvix announces the launch of its much-awaited, cloud-based digital signage system: Xhibit Signage. The system is a combination of a digital signage device (player) and a role-based, content management system (CMS) accessible via a standard browser from any location over the internet. Built on the robust and highly versatile HTML5 / CSS3 standard, Xhibit Signage CMS is equipped to handle enterprise-scale, geographically-distributed signage network deployments. Pursuing its core business model, Mvix will offer this web application for free to all its clients. In a fast growing and competitive market segment, introduction of this state-of-the-art, content management tool for digital signage is unique and revolutionary.

Xhibit Signage is a fully hosted, web application designed to remotely manage and control media, URL and HTML playback on screens throughout the digital signage network. It rivals dozens of commercially-available software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital signage solutions in terms of its ease of use and versatility. However, offering this platform without any monthly subscription fees makes it a top contender for a large number of digital signage applications and projects. Mvix is the first company in the digital signage industry offering free content management applications for all its signage platforms. "Xhibit Signage is the only, free digital signage software offering zone-based screen layouts, remote network monitoring and comprehensive support for web-media and dynamic web content," stated Ross McClymonds, VP of Global Sales at Mvix. "We have concentrated on developing an easy-to-use interface that supported all the major browsers. The result is intuitive and effective signage software for our customers."

Access to any modern internet browser (like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) as the sole technical requirement, Xhibit Signage provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to manage media content, signage playback and network monitoring from anywhere in the world. The cloud-based software allows upload, update, scheduling, startup, storage, monitoring, and even reboot of devices from any remote location. This web-application places no limit on online storage space or the number of users for each account.

From the hardware side, the content management application is coupled with a robust Xhibit HD Signage System. Built on a dual core processor, solid-state storage architecture with embedded, dual-channel wireless-n capabilities, Xhibit system is capable of 1080p playback via HDMI video out. This competitive-priced, signage device has a micro-footprint (9x7x2in) and can be mounted via a VESA mounting bracket behind LCD display screens.

"We are excited about this new product and thrilled at its potential and applications. Field test results have been remarkable and the market feedback is very encouraging," said Ross "With our diverse client base, signage applications and the markets we serve, this Xhibit Signage is a perfect fit in our product line-up. I am positive that its ease of use and intuitive interface will be much appreciated by all our customers."

Details on Mvix's new Xhibit Digital Signage Platform: Xhibit HD Signage System w/ Wireless

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