Fortemedia Announces World's Leading Voice Processing Solution for Reliable Voice Recognition Targeting "Hands-free" Mode in Smartphones

FM36-600 solution dramatically reduces voice noise and provides major reliability improvements for voice recognition and clear talking

2013 International CES

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--Fortemedia Inc. (, the world leader in voice processing technology, today announced its new flagship platform, FM36-600, that addresses the market's need for better voice recognition and clear talking, especially for hands-free usage on smartphones. With the expected ability to speak at a greater distance in hands-free mode, which is commonly used in Facetime™ and Skype™, the injected noise has been a challenge for the user. This is the case in any noisy environment, especially for voice recognition. FM36-600 uses two microphones to adaptively track talkers and form a "beam" that effectively removes the noise outside of the specified area. With noise rejected, a clearer voice is much more easily recognized by human and machine, either for voice recognition commands or voice-to-text messages.

FM36-600 consists of a newly developed DSP and a novel voice processing algorithm engine. Packaged in a small 2.3x2.3mm² chip-scaled package (CSP), this very low power DSP supports up to eight microphones that satisfy the need for the latest leading smartphones and other devices that require better voice communication. The leading feature for FM36-600 also includes multi-talking-angle compatibility that relieves the constraints of a traditional fixed talking style. Furthermore, the new platform allows for voice tracking in a multiple speaker scenario. FM36-600 is suitable for other applications such as laptop computers, tablets, smart TVs or 'infotainment' systems for automobiles.

"We are very excited about the release of this new flagship product," said Paul Huang, President and CEO of Fortemedia Inc. "FM36-600 solves the challenges of clear hands-free communication, freedom of a phone's holding positions and tracking multiple speakers in noisy situations. In addition, FM36-600 enhances the applicability of voice recognition and can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios."

Fortemedia will demonstrate these advanced features at the coming Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11, 2013 at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, suite 319. Availability is limited, please contact to schedule private demo.

The mass production of FM36-600 is expected by end of Q1, 2013 and engineering samples are now available for selected customers.

About Fortemedia Inc.

Fortemedia Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is the world leader in voice processing technology. Fortemedia's focus is on developing technology for cell phones, PCs, headsets, automotive and VoIP applications, providing leading edge performance in voice quality enhancement to both hands-free and hand-held voice communication. With over 100 patents and superior performance in beam-forming noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise suppression, Fortemedia's leading solutions have been adopted by industry leaders across a wide variety of markets. For more information, visit

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