OPS Digital Signage Player Achieves Plug-n-Play with Competitive Cost and Performance

Compact-sized and OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) ready, NEXCOM's digital signage player, the NDiS M422 aims to fulfill interactive kiosks and signage applications requiring an energy efficient processor and high graphic performance.

Fremont, CA November 28, 2012

Compact-sized and OPS ready, NEXCOM's digital signage player, the NDiS M422, aims to fulfill interactive kiosks and signage applications requiring an energy efficient processor and high graphic performance. Designed with value and performance in mind, the NDiS M422 features an AMD Embedded G-Series T56N 1.65GHz dual core processor with Radeon™ integrated graphics, hardware decoder, wireless connectivity, various external connections and a 2.5" SATA HDD, all in a compact OPS design.

As digital signage evolves, users demand more innovative experiences and services, such as brilliant 3D visuals along with multi-touch and gesture control. To meet these requirements, the NDiS M422 is equipped with an energy efficient dual core processor and discrete-level graphics to deliver advanced 3D graphics. Businesses may combine the Full HD video, 3D animation, multi-touch and gesture control for their signage and kiosk applications to create an immersive customer experience.

In addition to high graphic performance, the NDiS M422 has a built-in hardware decoder for streaming live video from media servers and optional WWAN/ WLAN/ TV tuner module to provide wireless connectivity and/or broadcast TV programs. System administrators are able to monitor and manage the player remotely as well as upload new digital signage content. Furthermore, the wireless connection allows digital signage to integrate social media and reach out to customers' smartphones, making the digital experience even more personalized.

Apart from signage and kiosk applications, the NDiS M422's compact size provides infinite application possibilities. It can be fitted into OPS projectors, electronic lecterns, as well as applied in smart-board and video conferencing applications.

Despite its small size, the NDiS M422 features internal JAE 80 pin connector for touch screen and webcam, one Gigabit LAN for network connectivity, serial port for external device control, audio connectors and a 2.5" HDD drive for storing signage contents, as well as one extra HDMI port for dual displays.

Based on the OPS design, the NDiS M422 installs easily and easy to maintain. Combined with an energy efficient processor and superb graphics, the NDiS M422 is a cost effective solution that is especially designed for systems integrators seeking innovative ways to create compelling digital experience for customers.

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