Blue Sky Energy, Inc. Teams Up with RES to Bring Solar to NASCAR

Blue Sky Energy, Inc. is on a mission to bring solar to NASCAR and the racecar community! Blue Sky Energy and RES have partnered with Peck Motorsports to become green leaders on and off the track.

SAN DIEGO, CA (October 15, 2012) - Pioneering solar product manufacturer Blue Sky Energy, Inc. has teamed up with Renewable Engineered Systems (RES) to bring solar to NASCAR. Using Blue Sky Energy's charge controller technology and the Survivor Power Systems solution, the Peck Motorsports' racecar hauler now powers its equipment and lighting with the sun. This one-of-a-kind system installed by RES helps Peck Motorsports break away from the pack in the race to become green leaders in NASCAR.

Peck Motorsports is dedicated to greening the racetrack and already runs its hauler's engine on biofuels. With the addition of Blue Sky Energy's Solar Boost 50 (SB50) charge controller and RES' Survivor Power Systems 1200, Peck Motorsports is taking the lead. Using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the SB50 increases the system's charge current by up to 30%. Its three-stage charge control system insures the battery is properly and fully charged, resulting in better battery performance with less battery maintenance required.

"The Blue Sky Energy team is excited to join forces with a visionary leader like RES to green the motor sports market. There's a lot of untapped potential for racecar teams and fans to harness clean solar energy to supply their power and lighting needs. Blue Sky Energy is proud to be the preferred solar charge controller vendor to RES and turn this vision into reality," says Melanie Cullen, VP of Marketing and Operations at Blue Sky Energy.

Meanwhile, Blue Sky Energy is continuing to race ahead of its competition and recently released their feature-rich, entry-level Sun Charger 30 (SC30) solar charge controller. It packs new benefits into a traditional charge controller at a lower price and is available from wholesale distributors including AEE Solar, SunWize, Cascade Mountain, Hitney Solar, and the Alternative Energy Store.

About Blue Sky Energy, Inc.
Blue Sky Energy is the trusted, off-grid solar solutions provider with manufacturing operations in the U.S. They offer the largest collection of small, Military Standard-certified MPPT charge controllers, pairing dynamic solutions with unsurpassed quality and reliability. Fourteen years after introducing the first MPPT product to the clean energy community, Blue Sky Energy maintains its commitment to excellence in personalized customer service, philanthropy, and international relations with distribution to over 33 countries worldwide. Connect with Blue Sky Energy on Facebook and Twitter!

About RES
Renewable Engineered Systems (RES), LLC, is a proud partner of Peck Motorsports, Global Solar Technologies, and Blue Sky Energy, Inc. RES is a full-service, minority- and woman-owned renewable energy provider based in southern Virginia. RES specializes in designing and installing a variety of on- and off-grid renewable energy projects including solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses, solar streetlights, wind turbine installations, and emergency power systems. RES provides the critical link for applying new proven alternative energy technologies as turnkey solutions to consumers seeking clean, eco-friendly power.

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