HDMI goes the distance

Control options allows the unit to be configured for a variety of applications, from home cinemas and small office solutions

Smart-e's new digital switch, the SmartDigital MCT-16 is a professional high resolution digital matrix, that switches and distributes HDMI over a single CAT5e-8 cable capable of delivering HDMI, InfraRed, RS232 signals and inline power over distances of up to 100m.

Its modular construction, simple cost-effective switching and device control options allows the unit to be configured for a variety of applications, from home cinemas and small office solutions, through to digital signage and multi-room corporate communications.

The Smart-e control protocol allows use of existing software drivers and features such as dual integrated PSU (for mission critical applications), and inline power of the CAT5e-8 receivers (SDS-RX900) set a new benchmark for complete integrated AV solutions. As Jon Lane Smart-e's managing director says "With many year's experience designing products for AV distribution over structured cabling we were able to include plenty of features which are unique to our existing product range, helping to simplify and improve system integration."

The MCT-16 is a compact modular 3U 19" rack mounted unit using dual I/O cards to allow the selection of between 2x2 to 16x16 inputs and outputs to be specified in a combination of HDMI or CAT5e-8 (HDbaseT) outputs, making it very cost effective as it can be configured exactly to meet client needs. It can be controlled easily via either IP (optional), Infra-Red, RS232 or locally at the front panel. An integrated RS232 passthrough with multiplexer enables effective display management including power control, saving energy and screen life.

HDCP and HDMI compliant, the matrix is compatible, with all resolutions up to 4K, 2K, 1080p including 3D and supports Deep Colour. For more information contact Smart-e on tel: 01306 628264 or visit www.smart-e.co.uk.

About Smart-e Limited
Smart-e designs and manufactures high quality audio and video distribution and switching equipment which delivers the most comprehensive and technically advanced solutions for multimedia equipment over CAT5-8 structured cabling. Capitalising on its broadcasting heritage, Smart-e has a wide range of proven point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint products to accommodate all formats of analogue and digital video, and audio signals, providing high performance, content rich links from DVDs, digital TVs, cameras, laptops and PCs to projectors, HDTV, PC monitors and speakers.
Smart-e Limited, Hale House Barns, Oakwoodhill, Ockley, Surrey, RH5 5NA, www.smart-e.co.uk, tel: +44 (0) 01306 628264.

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