DTS Unveils DTS Play-Fi™ Wireless Audio Platform for Mobile and Consumer Electronics Markets

DTS Play-Fi™ Technology Delivers Hi-Fi Home Audio over Wi-Fi

NEW YORK--DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio solutions, today announced its all new DTS Play-Fi™ wireless audio platform, capable of delivering high-fidelity lossless audio over Wi-Fi, and turns any equipped mobile device into the central command center for streaming high quality, lossless audio throughout the home.

DTS Play-Fi is a technology that allows mobile phones, tablets and PCs to wirelessly stream high-definition audio to compatible speakers, TVs and audio/video receivers-providing consumers with a very high quality multi-room listening experience. With the DTS Play-Fi app installed on a mobile device, users can stream music and other audio content directly to DTS Play-Fi enabled audio systems with crystal-clear, lossless sound quality via a standard Wi-Fi connection.

"DTS Play-Fi completely changes the way we listen to music, by making it simple to enjoy music stored on a mobile device or via cloud-based services anywhere in the home or office, with high-definition sound and full wireless mobility," said Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer of DTS. "Working with mobile and consumer electronics OEMs, DTS aims to make DTS Play-Fi available on any mobile operating system and through a broad range of mobile devices and consumer electronics products over the next year."

The benefits of DTS Play-Fi include:

*Quality Sound Experience-DTS Play-Fi is able to wirelessly transmit up to high-definition "lossless" audio, with no impact on sound quality - unlike Bluetooth, which degrades sound quality via file compression

*Multi-Room Listening Experience-connect up to eight different audio systems to one network and enjoy music and audio in every room of your home or office, perfectly synchronized with no lag. Or, stream different songs to different rooms via different mobile devices

*Connectivity Range-unlike Bluetooth, DTS Play-Fi-enabled mobile devices connect wirelessly to playback systems via a standard wireless home network, enabling DTS Play-Fi connectivity anywhere within the home

*DTS Play-Fi Mobile App-turns the mobile device into an audio control center to enjoy audio content stored on the device or on cloud-based libraries and streaming services over DTS Play-Fi-enabled audio systems

For electronics manufacturers interested in licensing or learning more about DTS Play-Fi, please email us at licensingadministration@dts.com. Visit DTS for more information, or connect with DTS on Facebook and Twitter(@DTS_Inc).

About DTS, Inc.
DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI) is dedicated to making digital entertainment exciting, engaging and effortless by providing state-of-the-art audio technology to more than a billion consumer electronics products worldwide. From a renowned legacy as a pioneer in high definition multi-channel audio, DTS became a mandatory audio format in the Blu-ray Disc standard and is now increasingly deployed in enabling digital delivery of compelling movies, music, games and other forms of digital entertainment to a growing array of network-connected consumer devices. With the acquisition of SRS Labs, DTS strengthens its position as a leader in providing end-to-end audio solutions to the rapidly growing network entertainment sector. DTS technology is in car audio systems, digital media players, DVD players, game consoles, home theaters, PCs, set-top boxes, smart phones, surround music content and every device capable of playing Blu-ray discs. Founded in 1993, DTS' corporate headquarters are located in Calabasas, California with its licensing operations headquartered in Limerick, Ireland. DTS also has offices in Los Gatos and Santa Ana, California, Washington, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For further information, please visit www.dts.com.

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