Deluxe Launches Managed Workflow for UltraViolet CFF File Creation

Announces the successful creation of full-featured CFF files

BURBANK, Calif., Sept. 17, 2012 -- Deluxe Media, a division of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc., the leading provider of a broad range of entertainment industry services and technologies to the worldwide entertainment industry, today announced the launch of their UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF) production services. These services are designed to provide studios, broadcasters and portals with full-featured UltraViolet CFF files for consumer distribution.

Building on Deluxe's DL3 Asset & Workflow Management System, which currently supports a range of product lines including digital distribution, Blu-ray and DVD, the new UltraViolet CFF file creation services enable content owners to repurpose and format global assets into the new UltraViolet CFF file format. Deluxe's DL3 Asset & Workflow Management System is designed to quickly and cost-effectively create CFF files for multiple territories worldwide.

"Leveraging our R&D capabilities, we've created tools and custom workflows specifically for the UltraViolet CFF file format. With this new capability, we're now creating UltraViolet CFF files optimized for the consumer's viewing experience while balancing file size to minimize the cost of distribution," said Jeff McDermott, Vice President of New Technology, Deluxe Media.

McDermott further added, "Supported by the same production infrastructure currently used to process over 28,000 digital media files per month for 834 different target specifications, our managed workflow and toolsets will enable content owners to cost effectively process their libraries for the UltraViolet CFF platform."

About Deluxe

Deluxe Media is the leading global provider of creative, marketing, localization, and technical supply chain services for commercials, television shows and movies. Deluxe Media employs more than 2,600 full-time employees and 4,300 metadata and language translators. Operating out of 27 worldwide locations, Deluxe Media provides services to the world's leading brands, advertising agencies, television and movie studios, broadcasters, and digital distribution portals. Deluxe Media is a division of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., is the leading provider of a broad range of entertainment industry services and technologies to the worldwide entertainment industry including the Hollywood studios, broadcast/cable/ satellite providers, digital distribution, gaming as well as content owners and creators. Services for content creation in features, television and commercials are offered in production, post production, digital distribution, marketing services and asset management. They include EFILM® and Company 3® digital intermediates; post production and subtitling services; titles design and digital VFX; Blu-ray and DVD compression, encoding and authoring; advertising distribution and syndication services; digital cinema services, motion picture film processing and printing; and 2D to 3D conversions. Deluxe has facilities in North America, Europe, India, Australia, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

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