Acurus demonstrates full line of THX® Ultra2TM Certified, Ethernet-Enabled Amplifiers at CEDIA Expo 2012

These products hit the utmost standard for quality, and are capable of delivering cinematic performance and high fidelity right out-of-the-box.

Indianapolis, Indiana, August 31, 2012 - Acurus, a high-performance, U.S.-made audio brand of Indy Audio Labs, is showing its full lineup of THX® Ultra2TM Certified, Ethernet-enabled amplifiers at CEDIA Expo 2012 in Indianapolis at booth #1311 on September 6-8. All A2000 series Acurus 200W amplifiers are now THX Certified, including the 2 (A2002), 5 (A2005) and 7 (A2007) channel models, which means these products hit the utmost standard for quality, and are capable of delivering cinematic performance and high fidelity right out-of-the-box.

All Acurus models take advantage of the same low-distortion, fully discrete amplifier designs that made Acurus famous. They feature power supply capabilities that are enhanced to allow the amplifiers to meet or exceed more than 500 bench tests required to achieve THX Ultra2 certification - along with Acurus' proprietary new web control technology designed for ease of system integration.

According to Rick Santiago, Indy Audio Labs CEO and co-founder, "Since the introduction of the A2002 at CEDIA Expo 2011, these products - now available world-wide in 2 and multi-channel configurations - have been well-received by systems integrators and audio aficionados alike. THX Ultra2 certification allows us to demonstrate that the new A2000 series is more than capable of powering some of the most demanding home theater and listening setups an integrator will encounter. In addition, our proprietary Enhanced Ethernet Control, known to our customers as E2C technology, saves time and headaches with audio system installation, control, customization and remote monitoring."

THX certification is the ultimate performance benchmark, recognized by professional installers and consumers alike, as an assurance of uncompromised quality, best-in-class performance and consistency. To ensure accurate and powerful audio, THX analyzes everything from frequency response to noise levels and distortion.. THX Ultra2 Certified products incorporate features and power requirement guidelines for premium receivers, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and speakers capable of distributing an optimal soundstage across wide viewing areas in larger home theaters 3,000 cubic feet in size.

The A2000 series of amplifiers will be demonstrated at CEDIA Expo 2012 in Indianapolis at the Indy Audio Labs booth (#1311).

All models are available in worldwide voltage configurations for immediate delivery.

About Acurus
Acurus is a high-performance, high value brand of Indy Audio Labs, LLC. Founded in 2008, Indy Audio Labs designs audio and video electronics for which ease of operation is surpassed only by performance and reliability. Originally a brand founded by Mondial designs, Acurus has earned critical acclaim worldwide for innovative leadership in delivering performance and value-driven home entertainment electronics ever since the introduction of its classic A250 stereo amplifier in 1993. Acurus products are designed and assembled in the USA. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Indy Audio Labs markets its unique products in the US and internationally. To contact an Acurus representative, call 1-866-559-5113 or email For further technical information, visit

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