New 0-10 PWM DIN Low Voltage Output Station Continues Evolution of Vantage's InFusion Lighting Control Solution

The LVOS-0-10-PWM-DIN provides increased control precision of multiple light source technologies and complex lighting scenes and scenarios.

Vantage, the leader in lighting, audio/video and comfort control systems for luxury spaces, today announced the release of the new 0-10 PWM Low Voltage Output Station-DIN that are specifically designed to support several enhancements to Vantage's core Infusion lighting control solution. This enhanced lighting solution provides more precise control over new lighting sources, as well as a technology future-ready capability while maintaining backwards compatibility with prior Vantage hardware, and delivers enhanced Integrator efficiency for both installation and serviceability.

Increased support of Energy Management scenarios

The LVOS-0-10-PWM-DIN is used for the control and automation of LED, CLF and CCFL lighting loads requiring either 0-10 or PWM for dimming control.
Each LVOS DIN features eight 0-10 outputs with four that can be turned into PWM outputs. The LVOS DIN is firmware upgradable in the field through its station bus, has four dry contacts that support light and motion sensors, with two additional override inputs and is powered by 13.8 to 36VDC.
The LVOS release continues significant enhancements to Vantage's InFusion lighting control solution that will be rolled out throughout 2012. The planned enhancements will provide a demonstrably improved user experience with such benefits as:

Increased control precision

The LVOS-DIN offering will provide increased control precision of multiple light source technologies and complex lighting scenes and scenarios. A variety of high and low voltage lighting sources can be managed and dimmed simultaneously.

Future ready and backwards compatible

The 0-10 PWM DIN Low Voltage Output Station is designed to be used in combination with the Vantage InFusion lightingssystem, but is also backwards compatible with installed Vantage Q and earlier installed InFusion systems. At the same time this product is highly prepared to face future developments.

A Global Solution

The new Low Voltage Output Station-DIN is worldwide available from this date
"Lighting technology is evolving at a rapid pace. As a company, Vantage is committed to supporting our customers with Lighting Control Solutions that provide the most efficient and effective way of utilizing these technologies to deliver a great user experience whether in a new or retrofit application."

About Vantage

Founded more than 25 years ago, Vantage is a leading manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications. With head office in Beveren Belgium, Vantage supplies high-performance solutions for the integration of all facility functions in a single central system, which can be programmed to activate devices according to a schedule or in response to sensor signals or button presses. All imaginable systems, such as heating, lighting, audio, video, alarm systems and many more, are subtly integrated to form a single system that enables the entire living environment to adapt to the residents' daily routines. Simple, stylish keypads and touchscreens eliminate arrays of switches and indicators. The entire system is interconnected using a simple, non-polarized two-wire bus, making Vantage products the easiest to install, the most versatile, and the most trouble-free of all available systems.

Vantage systems have exceptionally long lifetimes because the products can constantly be kept up
to date with free software upgrades. Vantage pays a lot of attention to ease of use with its
products. Additionally, Vantage systems are compatible with a very wide range of subsystems from
other manufacturers, including HVAC, audio and video equipment. Vantage also provides a unique
five-year warranty on its products. Providing fully individualised solutions to fulfil specific requirements is what makes Vantage a pioneer and leader in the home automation market. Vantage products are distributed by a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers.

Vantage is part of the French Legrand group employing more than 30.000 people over 70 countries

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