VidaBox Debuts New vCharger & vPower : Complete Power-over-CAT5 Charging Solution for USB Devices

New Cost-Effective Power-over-CAT5 Solutions Charge iPads, iPods, iPhones, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tabs, & Other USB Devices at up to 328 feet / 100m.

Garden City Park, NY - May 31, 2012 - VidaBox, LLC is officially shipping the new vCharger & vPower station, a complete, long-distance Power-over-CAT5 USB charging solution. The vCharger draws constant voltage from a vPower station via CAT5 cable, and converts that voltage to charge a connected USB device, such as an Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android devices, Kindle Fire, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and others. The vCharger can be located as far as 328 feet away from the vPower, and still provide full charging power. Up to (4) vCharger units can be connected to a single vPower station by adding a vPower 4-Port adapter.

"The vCharger & vPower station combination is the ultimate in cost-effective, long-distance charging for USB devices," claims Steven Cheung, president of VidaBox, LLC. "Integrators can start with our vPower station, connect a single CAT5/5e/6 cable at up to 328 feet [100m] long, and provide steady power to the vCharger, which has a powered USB port. To make things even easier for professional integrators, we also include (1) vPower station with a 4-Port adapter for every (4) vChargers purchased, providing a complete package that's ready to use out of the box."

vCharger has no moving parts and is designed for ultra-reliable, long term use. This miniature, 3"x2"x2" device can be easily hidden inside any in-wall/back boxes and function without ventilation; it is not rated for standalone, in-wall use.

"The vCharger can be also used in a table-top environment, or custom-built into new or existing furniture, as its gloss black finish gives it a high-end look that blends into any environment," continues Cheung. "The combination of its small size, ability to provide steady power over long distances, and no need for ventilation makes it an ideal solution for providing USB power - wherever it is required."

For added flexibility, the vCharger is backwards compatible and can be used with older Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches as power sources. However, vPower stations are recommended instead, as they are designed to handle higher wattages, providing better performance in high power drain scenarios.

"Some devices like the new 3rd Gen iPads can drain up to 15 Watts or more when the battery is critically low. To effectively charge (4) iPads in this situation, we'd require about 60 Watts total. Sustained power drains at this wattage can easily overload or even damage many inexpensive, 4-port PoE switches - as they are typically rated for much lower wattages," Cheung explains. "On the other hand, vPower stations are specifically designed for high wattage use, saving integrators time and hassle in selecting the proper PoE switch to eliminate a critical point of failure. The vCharger's and vPower's combination of advantages makes them the perfect accessory for any iPad, iPod, or Android tablet mount, or wherever steady USB power is needed at multiple locations."

The vCharger and vPower station are available and shipping now. VidaBox, LLC is currently seeking distributors and resellers. For more details and specifications on the vCharger, vPower and other VidaBox digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, or call +1-516-730-7500.

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