Key Digital Releases Compass Control(R): A Fully Integrated Control System for Commercial Applications

Combining the knowledge and expertise from the different CAP brands has allowed Compass Control(R) to develop into a complete turnkey or commercial control solution

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y., May 24, 2012 -- Key Digital is proud to

introduce its first comprehensive control system for commercial applications
called Compass Control(R). Compass Control(R) represents the first fully
integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS
5 devices -- iPad(R), iPhone(R), and iPod touch(R) -- as its backbone.

Key Digital(R) in conjunction with Compass Control's Compass Alliance
Partners (CAP) has created a fully integrated control system with driver
support for hardware from the following brands: Aprilaire, Boston
Acoustics(R), ClearOne(R), Denon, Furman, ICRealtime Security Solutions(R),
iPort(R), Key Digital, LG, Lutron(R), Luxul, Marantz(R), MechoSystems,
Onkyo(R), Panamax, Primeview, Russound(R), SurgeX, and Wolfvision(R).
Combining the knowledge and expertise from the different CAP brands has
allowed Compass Control(R) to develop into a complete turnkey or commercial
control solution.

This exciting new product can be used anywhere and at any time. Once the
system has been programmed and the application activated using the KD-CSL
Compass Control(R) software license, the system is ready for use. All of the
control protocols are routed through the KD-MC2500 Master Controller which
effectively acts as the brain of the entire system. The Master Controller,
which itself is controllable via TCP/IP, communicates with all devices in
the system and integrates all components. Compass Control(R) is a powerful
tool in an educational setting where it gives an educator control over
audio, video, and lighting in order to create a better learning environment.
Control(R) even has the power to monitor hundreds of security cameras in an
apartment building at the swipe of a finger.

Compass Control(R) has the ability to control devices via RS-232, IR, or
TCP/IP. This new control system provides installers with bi-directional IR,
two-way RS-232 with feedback, and two-way TCP/IP control for unlimited
flexibility and maximum compatibility with new or existing devices. Compass
Control(R) also provides control via relays and sensors demonstrating its
nature as a powerful integration tool.
When programming the system via the Compass Navigator(R) PC editor software,
installers are given three separate database managers to make programming
faster than traditional control systems. Compass
Navigator(R) also enables installers to edit command code sets, allowing
Compass Control(R) to be tailored to each and every system installation.

Key Digital Vice-President for Sales, Michael Lakhter, commented on Compass
Control's readiness to take on market challenges, "With the combined efforts
of all of our Compass Alliance Partners, Compass
Control(R) represents the culmination of our efforts to create the most
powerful, most user-friendly, and most comprehensive control system
available on the market today."

Come see today why Key Digital(R) and CAP are the Experts in Digital Video
Technology and Solutions. For more information please visit or For more information on Compass Control(R) please
visit Key Digital(R) will be displaying
Compass Control(R) at InfoComm 2012

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