ecobee Unveils the WiFi-Enabled Smart Si Thermostat; Green Made Easy

The thermostat can be adjusted anytime from anywhere, using a computer, iPhone, smart phone or tablet

TORONTO--ecobee Inc., maker of the award-winning Smart thermostat, has now begun selling its new ecobee Smart Si thermostat.

Designed for home use, the Smart Si thermostat delivers ecobee's energy-efficient technology at a great price. The thermostat can be adjusted anytime from anywhere, using a computer, iPhone, smart phone or tablet.

"Our new ecobee Smart Si thermostat reinforces our commitment to simple, smart and energy-saving solutions for the home," explained Stuart Lombard, ecobee's President and CEO. "The Smart Si delivers the quality, innovation and great features you would expect from ecobee, making it easy for homeowners to conserve energy and save money, at a very attractive price."

The Smart Si's advanced algorithms allow it to save the most energy possible. Its easy-to-read high-resolution color display and effortless user interface make it simple and quick to create a schedule and to adjust settings. Its sleek design fits into any home. It even provides live weather reports.

For peace of mind, automatic alerts and reminders notify homeowners when their heating and air conditioning equipment is due for service, if there is an equipment malfunction or when it's time to change filters.

"Most homeowners don't know home heating and cooling systems represent 50-70 percent of home energy use. Programming an ecobee Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Si thermostat is one of the easiest ways to reduce home energy consumption, reduce your environmental impact and save money," stated Lombard. "ecobee customers are seeing great results. An extensive research study conducted by the ecobee Energy Modeling Team found that our customers are saving an average of 26 percent on annual energy costs," said Lombard. "We're very proud that 96 percent of ecobee customers would recommend our products to their friends.

ecobee's thermostats are available through HVAC contractors. The company has sold out of its first three production runs of the Smart Si thermostat; however, Lombard noted, "We have ramped up our manufacturing efforts to meet the overwhelmingly high level of enthusiasm for this thermostat."

About ecobee

ecobee delivers intelligent energy management solutions. Installed in homes and businesses across North America, ecobee's products are the easiest way for residential and commercial customers to understand, manage and reduce their energy consumption. ecobee's line of WiFi-enabled thermostats, online web portals and smart phone apps are the products of choice for ease of use and energy efficiency. ecobee has also won significant industry awards and is supported by a network of over 2,000 quality HVAC contractors and distributors across North America. For more information please visit

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