Full-Size Transparent Digital Cooler Doors - ThruVu

The ThruVu™ Cooler Display System is comprised of (3) major components: 1) the transparent LCD; 2) the LED lighting system and 3) the BoldVu® Video Server.

Atlanta, GA: - Manufacturing Resources International

(MRI) has introduced the first full-size transparent (seethru)
Digital LCD Door for the Convenience and Grocery
stores. This "high-performance" Digital LCD Display
replaces the entire conventional door glass with a
transparent display assembly that allows for normal
customer viewing of the product through the glass, but
with the ability to run full-motion videos / advertisements
/ promotions in a "see-through" manner.

This innovative product has been co-developed by MRI
(digital display manufacturer) and Commercial Refrigerator
Door Company (cooler door manufacturer) and
is being marketed under the ThruVu™ product name by
both companies.

According to Peter Kaszycki, VP of Business Development for MRI, "By introducing this new, eye-catching product,
advertisers within C-Store now have a creative way to advertise and promote their products at the all important
"point of purchase" stage, just as the customer is making their final beverage or product selection from the cooler. In
addition, it is real estate that already exists in the crowded C-Store space but is not being effective utilized."

The ThruVu™ Cooler Display System is comprised of (3) major components: 1) the transparent LCD; 2) the LED lighting
system and 3) the BoldVu® Video Server. What is unique is the ability of MRI to "cut" the native LCD screen down
to the correct size to fit into a standard cooler door assembly. MRI has a license agreement with Tannas Electronic
Displays (TED) to customize the size of the LCD for the appropriate door size. The first ThruVu Cooler Door will be
based on cutting a 72" LCD down to a 67" size. MRI is only one of three companies in the world with this license
agreement and in-house capability.

Advertisers now have the ability to run full-HD content / videos on a single door or on all the door within the C-Store.
This allows for unique advertising opportunities by having advertisements / promotions sequence across all the
Digital doors in the store or have different ads / promotions running on select doors.

About MRI

MRI is an Atlanta based designer and manufacturer of Digital LCD Displays (22" - 72"), Digital Menu Boards, Pump-Top
Displays, and Self-Ordering Kiosks. The BoldVu® product line encompasses both indoor and outdoor configurations
and includes unique features such as BrightVu™ (2000 nit brightness), SureVu™ (image verification), CoolVu™ (for
operation in direct sunlight combined with ambient temperatures up to 50°C or 122°F), and SAM™ (service access
modules) to provide a low cost of ownership with optimum functionality. MRI has an installed base of 5500+ units
and offers both standard and custom hardware/technology designs to meet the specific application requirements.

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