Control4 and Magnolia Team Up to Offer 10 Ways to Save Energy - Just in Time for Earth Day

From lighting control to energy monitoring, energy saved is money earned for environmentally-conscious consumers

Salt Lake City, UT - April 16, 2012 - Control4, a leading innovator in residential and light commercial automation systems, is teaming with more than 280 Magnolia at Best Buy store locations across the U.S. to celebrate Energy Management Month through home automation and control.

During the month of April, customers at these select Magnolia at Best Buy stores will receive a $50 discount with the purchase of any Control4® Controller and a thermostat or lighting device with installation. Designed as the entry way to home automation, the new Control4 HC-250 Controller (available for in-store demos April 22 at select store locations) is ideal for universal remote replacements, home theaters or as a way to deliver on-screen control to any television in the home.

Getting started on the path to a connected home has never been more affordable and saving energy has never been easier. Control4® home control solutions provide a variety of easy, automated ways to help people manage their energy usage, while enjoying the most from their smart homes. And with just 10 days until Earth Day, here are a few inspired ways for consumers to save energy using Control4.

1. Goodbye Button. Touch a single button when leaving the house and the lights automatically turn off, the temperature is set back, and other electronic devices can be powered off.
2. Motion Sensors. The kids work hard to turn all those lights on; motion sensors make sure they go off when a room is vacant for more than five minutes.
3. Limit Light Output. Set lights to 75 percent maximum light output and save on average about 20 percent of the household's annual energy usage.
4. Extend Light Bulb Life. Setting light output also increases the life of light bulbs by about four times.
5. Smart Thermostats. With heating and cooling accounting for 56 percent of a household's energy consumption, advanced climate control is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to save energy in a home.
6. Pre-programmed Events. Set it and forget it. Set outdoor lights to go on and off automatically based on time of day and set heating and cooling to automatically adjust for the seasons.
7. Motorized Shades. Automating window treatments to block that afternoon sun reduces cooling bills and increases comfort.
8. Energy Monitoring. With Control4, the MyEragy app and a compatible in-home power sensor, homeowners can save up to 20 percent or more off their monthly electric bills.
9. Energy-efficient Appliances. If you own some of the new "smart" appliances, you can quickly set them to energy-savings mode when you're heading out of town.
10. Device Energy Management. Energy is wasted on devices that are plugged in but not being used. Use Control4 to shut down electronics that plug into power outlets when they're not beings actively used.

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