SMK-Link Electronics Announces PadDockTM 10

iPad Stand & Stereo System Is Cross-Compatible with New (3rd Generation) Apple® iPad™

CAMARILLO, Calif.--SMK-Link Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of SMK Electronics, one of the largest manufacturers of OEM remote controls in the world, today announced that its popular PadDock 10v2 iPad Stand and Stereo System, originally developed for the Apple iPad 2, is cross-compatible with Apple's new 3rd generation iPad tablet.

With its minimal footprint, the PadDock 10v2 stand cradles the new iPad securely for desktop or countertop use. Charging the iPad while cradled, PadDock 10 allows the user to rotate the new iPad 360-degrees to run applications in any screen orientation - tilting the tablet back and forth to obtain the best viewing angle. Plus, PadDock 10 enables syncing the new iPad with iTunes® without swapping cables. Best of all, PadDock 10 is a powerful iPad stereo system - engineered to provide clear, crisp, amplified stereo sound for songs, videos, TV shows, games, applications and other Internet entertainment.

"With its breakthrough Retina display, 5-megapixel iSight camera and AX5 processor, the New Apple iPad is a significant step forward, both in terms of tablet technology and user experience," stated John Blair, General Manager of Branded Products for SMK-Link Electronics. "We are pleased to announce that our popular PadDock 10 iPad Stand and Stereo System (model VP3650v2) offers cross-compatibility with both 2nd and 3rd generation iPad models.

"Just as the Retina display is a dramatic improvement over the iPad 2 screen, the PadDock 10 brings a dramatic improvement in sound over the tablet's built-in speakers," continued Mr. Blair. "Held securely in the PadDock cradle, the new iPad is available for use in any screen orientation, to sync with iTunes, and to be utilized as a bedroom, kitchen, dorm room or office stereo system. When you're ready to go out, simply snap the new iPad out of the PadDock 10 cradle. It's charged, synced with iTunes and ready to go."

Two Versions Available

*PadDock 10 for new Apple iPad, and iPad 2 tablets (model VP3650v2)
*PadDock 10 for the original iPad (model VP3650) tablet

PadDock 10 for Apple iPad

*Keeps iPad available for use with apps in any screen orientation
*Tilts back and forth to deliver the best user viewing angle
*Switches easily from iPad "Charge" to "Sync" mode operation
*Delivers room-filling sound with extended bass for full-range quality
*Available from resellers worldwide including or directly from SMK-Link Electronics at
*Suggested retail price is $99.00

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About SMK-Link Electronics

SMK-Link Electronics Corporation, headquartered in Camarillo, California, is a subsidiary of SMK Corporation. In addition to its branded Presentation Remote Controls, Consumer Electronics and Wireless Accessory products, SMK-Link markets Gyration brand motion-sensing input devices. Established in 1925, SMK Corporation designs and manufactures remote controls, electronic components and other advanced Bluetooth peripherals, supplying them to companies worldwide. For more information on SMK-Link Electronics, see

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